CKGSB to Host Top Japanese and Chinese Business Leaders at the CKGSB China-Japan CEO Roundtable, July 5, 2013
June 26, 2013

On July 5, 2013, CKGSB will host an important roundtable discussion between Chinese and Japanese C-suite business executives. A unique and rare opportunity for leaders from the two countries to communicate and share best practices, the discussions will touch on new strategies, trends and models in the globalization of businesses, and in creating shared value.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Takashi Nishibayashi, VP of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., General Manager of China Division of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. President of Nissan (China) Investment Co., Ltd., 
  • Nobuyuki Idei, Founder and CEO, Quantum Leaps Corp.
  • Shinya Katanozaka, Member of the Board of Directors, Senior Executive Vice President, ANA Holdings Inc.
  • Keisuke Nishimura, Director of the Board, Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Hiroo Mori, Executive Vice President, Mori Building Co., Ltd.  
  • Long Guoqiang, Senior Research Fellow and Director-General, Research Department, Foreign Economic Relations, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC), PRC
  • Liu Dianbo, President, Luye Pharma Group
  • Chen Yihong, Chairman, Dongxiang Group Co., Ltd.
  • Qiu Liping, Founding Partner, Milestone Capital
  • Tang Yue, Co-Founder and Partner, Blue Ridge Capital China
  • Xiang Bing, Founding Dean, CKGSB 
  • Hiroshi Kanno, Dean, Hitotsubashi ICS
  • Li Haitao, Associate Dean and Professor of Finance, CKGSB

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