CKGSB Signs Knowledge Partnership Agreement with Top Korean News Outlet
October 31, 2017

CKGSB has announced a knowledge partnership agreement with ‘China Lab’, a Korean top-tier news portal joint venture project. Under the terms of the deal, CKGSB will be the official knowledge partner of China Lab and share its knowledge on Chinese business and management for Korean opinion leaders, industry insiders, students and scholars who wish to gain insights into various aspects of China.


CKGSB has signed a partnership with China Lab, a joint venture project between

top Korean media outlet JoongAng Ilbo and the country’s leading web portal Naver.


China Lab is a joint venture of JoongAng Ilbo, one of the top-tier general newspapers in Korea and the nation’s most popular online portal site Naver. China Lab delivers in-depth, interesting content that focus on various aspects of today’s China – such as business, economy, culture, history and society – based on the expertise of top-class journalists and Naver’s extensive influence. China Lab’s content is showcased on Naver’s main page, which has drawn a total readership of nearly 1.4 million as of July 2017, since its launch in July 2016.


“We are delighted to form a partnership with China Lab, who is a perfect partner for us to provide our knowledge and insights on China. With their expertise and wide influence, I am confident that CKGSB will be able to inspire Korean professionals with our in-depth content,” said CKGSB Assistant Dean Zhou Li. “China’s rapid growth has captured the attention of business people globally, and many of them, including Korean leaders, are looking for ways to learn more about the nation’s culture and business environment. As China’s leading independent business school, CKGSB will offer insight for Korean industry leaders into an ever-changing China through an easy-to-access channel, all of which will help them prepare for the future.”


CKGSB and China Lab have agreed to foster a mutually beneficial relationship of knowledge sharing. In order to firmly position itself as the major source in Korea of insightful studies and China-related content, the school will provide content from CKGSB Knowledge, the school’s online research journal.

All content provided by CKGSB will feature the school’s logo at the bottom of the page


Select CKGSB Knowledge content will be showcased via China Lab every two weeks. As of October, content on various topics, including the aviation industry, real estate market, education industry, retail and healthcare – have been viewed, recorded a high number of clicks and positive responses.


Furthermore, this partnership will not only be limited to content sharing: CKGSB plans to continuously diversify the partnership by hosting on-site events with China Lab.


For further information about China Lab, please click here.

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