CKGSB Professor Ou-yang Hui discusses China’s financial markets in the Maeil Business Newspaper
January 22, 2013

Prospects for the Chinese financial market are positive. With the arrival of the Xi Jinping era in China, action is expected both on the liberalization of the financial market and policy support.

This will generate great opportunities for South Korea’s financial companies. Here’s one suggestion: First,facilitate a relationship with China for Korean people to discover successful models and then sell to theChinese people.

With the growth of the RMB’s global status and increasing expectations for China's stock market, China's domestic financial markets have become increasingly more attractive. This is due to the downturn in the world's main financial markets—the United States, which continues to face contradictions and scandals,and Asia's financial power, Japan, which is already known for "long-term economic stagnation, along with difficulties in recovering its macro-economic and cash flow situations."

In 2013, the belief that the focus of the global financial market will be a "G3 rate war" is becoming increasingly more common among financial experts. At this point, it is invaluable to have an interview withCKGSB Professor Ou-yang, who represents China's financial scholars.

In 2012, China's financial markets were expecting the stock market to weaken. But on the contrary, the foreign exchange market was expanding constantly. Corporate bonds formed the center of bond market. This unexpected growth was acutely felt in daily exchange trading that reached year-on-year growth of 100%, increasing to $30 billion. Compared to other Asian countries that were reducing their trading volume or experiencing stagnation, these results were exceptional.

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