CKGSB MBA Alumni Returned Home at 10th Anniversary

December 10, 2012

November 2012, CKGSB’s extended family of faculty, students, alumni and staff gathered together in Beijing to celebrate 10th anniversary of its founding.

November 2012, CKGSB’s extended family of faculty, students, alumni and staff gathered together in Beijing to celebrate 10th anniversary of its founding. Many MBA alumni traveled long hours to revisit alma mater.


“I am very excited to come back and celebrate the milestone of CKGSB,” said Sean HAN, former MBA student and now Senior Associate at CDB Capital. “I truly appreciate what CKGSB has done to help me become who I am today, ” Han said.

HAN started his MBA program at 2006, and graduated in 2008 after completing a prolonged 12-month academic exchange at Darden School of Business at University of Virginia. CKGSB’s flexible oversea module tremendously helped him grasp trans-culture communication skills which proved essential in his post-MBA career life.

Unlike short-duration executive programs, MBA program, normally lasting 14 months, provides more intensive training, allowing students to dive in and have an educational experience like college time. In retrospect, former MBA students describe studying at CKGSB is a very unique, life-transforming and unforgettable experience.

”It was such a happy time with so many precious memories,” said Jia HE, former MBA student who graduated in 2011 and joined Guangzhou-based Shoreline Capital Management. “The 14-month enlightening life at CKGSB helped me find myself. Thanks to exposure to the best insights and interaction with exceptionally talented classmates, I developed my own belief system, or philosophy, that will carry me throughout my life, ” HE continued.

Leaving work force to pursue a full-time program appears to be risky, but all interviewees feel it is worth the time and expense to study at CKGSB. Not only do they get valuable training in managerial and technical skills at CKGSB, these former students say, but when the job market becomes more and more competitive, having a strong and active alumni network truly makes a difference in landing a coveted spot in finance, consulting or other industries.

Walter WANG, a McKinsey consultant and 2008 MBA student, said at every key moment of his personal growth, he received generous help from CKGSB family. To express his gratitude, he wrote a 9-line poem describing CKGSB as the tower light of life, a true friend, and a family member of its students. 

Officially launched in 2003, CKGSB’s MBA program now has grown into one of the best programs of its kind featuring unrivaled faculty, China focus in global context and pioneered integration of humanities into business education. In 2013, a new component — “Moving Classroom” will be added into MBA curriculum, generating more opportunities for students to interact with enterprises, business professionals, and alumni.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of CKGSB, MBA program organized several activities throughout the week of November 19th, such as 2012 MBA Mentorship Ceremony and MBA Nights party. Full time MBA students of 2012 Class voluntarily organized a two-day world-class economic forum in Beijing Oriental Bay International Hotel as their present for CKGSB’s birthday. The forum attracted over 500 participants from a wide variety of business background to attend. High-profile business leaders, including Scottish business magnate Sir Tom Hunter, ALCOA Asia Head CHEN Jinya, KPMG Real Estate Chairman Stephen Barter, shared insightful views at the forum.

College-wide celebration culminated in the grand ceremony held in the China National Convention Centre on November 22. Mr. Li Ka-shing, who has provided generous support to CKGSB, showed up, and everyone stood up for respect. He called on all members of Cheung Kong family to work for the benefit of mankind.

 “In the past decade, CKGSB made great contribution to the development of China’s economy, and was dedicated to addressing humanity challenges world-wide. I feel really proud to be one of the CKGSB Family,” said May HE, Branding Director of Ruijie Networks and a former student of 2008 MBA class.

Looking to the future, Dr. XIANG Bin, the Founding Dean of CKGSB says, CKGSB will attract more world-class scholars to expand the volume and scope of research, and offer cutting-edge management education to many more influential business leaders.

 – By Mara Yuan  November 29, 2012

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