CKGSB Hosts Session on Innovation at Asian Leadership Conference
CKGSB Professor Teng Bingsheng speaking at the Asian Leadership Conference 2019

On May 15th, 2019, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) hosted a session on China’s digital innovation at the 10th Asian Leadership Conference (ALC), an annual international conference held in Seoul, South Korea. With the emergence of Chinese technology in the global marketplace, many leading

Chinese technology companies have been making headlines for their cutting-edge technology, with one in three of the world’s 262 unicorns now originating from China. CKGSB Professor of Strategic Management and Associate Dean of CKGSB Europe, Teng Bingsheng provided a detailed overview on how the Chinese government is driving to transform the country from a manufacturing powerhouse to a technology superpower, how the digital ecosystem is shifting and moving into a new era of digitization, as well as the four strategies being adopted to facilitate this process.

CKGSB Professor Teng Bingsheng’s session at the ALC 2019

Professor Teng’s presentation also discussed how “Made in China 2025,” a state-led industrial policy, is seeking to transform China from a manufacturing leader to leading global innovator. He believes that China will be able to rapidly develop high-tech industries with the government’s comprehensive 10-year blueprint and significant subsidies, in sectors such as clean energy and electric vehicles.

Professor Teng Bingsheng sharing insights to the audience at the ALC 2019

The ALC, hosted by The Chosun Ilbo, is the country’s premier international conference where global leaders come together to discuss and provide possible solutions for pressing issues confronting Asian economies. World-renowned political leaders, CEOs of leading multinational companies, and academic leaders have participated in the conference since it was first held in 2005. The theme for this year’s ALC conference was ‘The World at a Crossroads: Searching for Concrete Solutions’ with more than 200 prominent speakers such as the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, the 54th speaker of the US House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, the 29th US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, and former Chancellor of Germany, Gerhard Schroeder, along with more than 3,500 participants.


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