CKGSB Hosts IPADE Business School EMBA Students and Faculty for One-Day Program

January 07, 2018

On April 28th, 43 EMBA students and faculty from Mexico’s IPADE Business School visited CKGSB’s Beijing Campus for a 1-day program to learn more about doing business in China and strengthening a mutual understanding of China and Mexico. CKGSB Dean Xiang Bing and Professor Teng Bingsheng served as lecturers during the day-long event.

On Monday, April 28th, CKGSB hosted 43 EMBA students and faculty from Mexico’s IPADE Business School for a 1-day program to learn more about doing business in China and strengthening a mutual understanding of China and Mexico. IPADE (Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresa ) was founded in 1967 with the objective of training leaders in top management through an innovative academic proposal, with a global approach to business, social responsibility and in accordance to Christian principles, with the aim of positively transforming organizations from all sectors, and society in general. IPADE has over 28,500 graduates from its range of programs, which are offered in its campuses in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, and in other national and international locations. It has also been classified as one of the best business schools in the world, according to rankings of renowned publications such as Financial Times, Forbes and Expansión.

Participants included key executives and entrepreneurs from a variety of industries and backgrounds, from CEOs of Mexican-based companies to senior executives of multinational companies, as well as a few of IPADE’s distinguished faculty.

Xiang Bing, CKGSB’s Founding Dean and Professor of China Business & Globalization, opened the day with a lecture on “China’s Transformation and Its Global Implications”, where he spoke about the global implications of China’s rapid social and economic development, competition and collaboration in China amongst various types of businesses, the response of multinationals to the rise of China, and the latest themes surrounding the country’s transformation.

Dean Xiang’s lecture was followed by a networking luncheon between IPADE students and faculty and CKGSB’s MBA alumni and students, allowing an informal exchange of information, experiences and insights to promote a mutual understanding of doing business both in China and Mexico. During the lunch, CKGSB had the opportunity to interview several IPADE participants (both practitioners and faculty), to hear their views about the program and the opportunity in China as a whole:

 “China is a huge country with a lot of opportunity. From the retail industry where I specialize in, we have a lot to learn from the Chinese market both from a product and consumer behavior perspective”

Yazmín Salazar – Senior Executive, Cadena Comercial OXXO


“Although CKGSB only has 12 years of history, the school has, in short time, assembled a great team of teachers and programs from across a wide range of industries. It also helps that CKGSB is based in China, currently a region that all businesses are focused on and hoping to take advantage of”

Francisco Javier – Owner, Restaurantes Tépic


 “Well first of all, China is massive. There is a huge market and population; at the same time, China is investing heavily in innovation and technology, and I believe that how they perceive the future is very interesting and inspiring”

Valeria Fernandez – CEO, Centro Edicativo México


“The morning session with Dean Xiang was excellent. He provided a very realistic and clear approximation of what it takes to understand and be able to do business in China, and how to better grasp where China is headed in terms of economic and social development. I really liked his idea of humility in business, trying to appreciate how different cultures behave, and truly understanding the Chinese business model before entering its massive market”

Alejandro Garduño Lobo – CEO, Instituto Mexicano de prevención integral, A.C.


 “Dean Xiang has a holistic and comprehensive view of the future of the country, the school and the business society. It’s so exciting to see and hear his ideas and optimism about China’s future and how it will contribute to a much better world”

José Antonio Dávila – Director and Professor of Business Policy, IPADE

After the networking session, CKGSB Professor Teng Bingsheng gave a lecture on “Strategies for Entering the Chinese Market” where he offered his perspectives on strategies to accommodate the Chinese market, accessing critical Chinese business networks, and how to best leverage global resources to succeed in China.

The event was successful and enlightening for both CKGSB and IPADE, in what the two institutions hope to be a long and rewarding relationship.

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Understand China from the Inside

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