CKGSB Hosts China-Korea CEO Forum with Korea’s Top Media Group
2016-12-07  - Seoul

On December 7, CKGSB will launch its annual China-Korea CEO Forum at the Shilla Seoul in partnership with Dong-A Media Group, one of Korea’s top three media groups. It is the second consecutive year that CKGSB is hosting this joint forum catering to the needs of businesspeople in China and Korea.

Under the main theme of ‘A Joint Growth Strategy for China and Korea in the Era of the Creative Disruption and Innovation,’ CKGSB faculty and alumni—comprised of industry leaders in China—will shed light on economic trends and best practices for operating in the China market.

Successful Chinese entrepreneurs and CKGSB alumni—such as Chen Xiangyu, Founder and CEO of iDreamsky; Lisa Song, Founder and CEO of Fmart; and Zou Lin, Founder and CEO of iShare Culture —will share their success stories and business advices to Korean businesses. From CKGSB, Founding Dean and Professor of China Business and Globalization Xiang Bing and Professor of Accounting Zhang Weining will discuss strategies for win-win cooperation between Chinese and Korean companies.


The all-day forum will be preceded by a pre-session with CKGSB and Dong-A Business Review (DBR), a monthly magazine for CEOs. The session will introduce the Dong-A Economy Leaders’ Academy (DELA) Program, a joint short-term program between CKGSB and DBR established in 2013, that offers latest China insights to Korean business leaders.

After brief opening speech, the Forum will begin with a special lecture delivered by Dean Xiang Bing about the joint growth strategy between China and Korea by collaborating on value-added businesses in the era of creative disruption and innovation. A keynote speech by Yoon Chang-hyun, head of the Financial Services Commission’s Public Fund Management Committee, will be followed that shows a big picture of possible joint growth strategies between China and Korea in relation to trend in global economy.

CKGSB professors and alumni, representing quickly-growing Chinese businesses in areas like IT and cultural contents, will shed light on interest to Chinese and Korean enterprises at two panel discussions.

Lisa Song, Founder and CEO of Fmart, a home appliance robotics developer, will partake in the first panel discussion themed under ‘ICT, Fintech and Artificial Intelligence’ to discuss potential collaborations welcoming the era of the so-called ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution,’ where advanced IT areas like fintech and artificial intelligence are core business engines. Panelists include Jung Won-sik, Country Manager of Alipay Korea, and Song Gil-young, Vice President of Daumsoft, a big data company in Korea, and the discussion will be moderated by Professor Jeong Yoo-shin of Sogang University, also head of the school’s Ko-Chi Financial Economy Institute.

CKGSB Professor Zhang Weining will moderate the second session ‘Culture and Content Business,’ where panelists talk about how to generate business values from popularity of cultural and contents, and how the two countries must collaborate to meet the goal. Chen Xiangyu, Founder and CEO of iDreamsky, one of China’s top game developers, will discuss possible collaborations with panelists Park Jong-sool, CEO of Pan Entertainment, Zou Lin, Founder and CEO of iShare Culture, and Ha Jong-dae, Head of Dong-A Ilbo-Channel A Digital Convergence News Center.

The China-Korea CEO Forum is a joint session of the broader Dong-A Business Forum 2016, which is Korea’s largest business forum hosted by one of nation’s most influential media groups, Dong-A Media Group. The group includes Dong-A Ilbo, Korea’s leading daily newspaper, broadcasting station Channel-A, and the DBR.

To find more information about the CKGSB-Dong-A Ilbo China-Korea CEO Forum, please click here.

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