CKGSB Faculty and Alumni Shared Insights at CKGSB-Dong-A Ilbo China-Korea CEO Forum

December 04, 2015

The first 'CKGSB-Dong-A Ilbo China-Korea CEO Forum’ was hosted by CKGSB with Dong-A Ilbo and Channel A in Seoul gathering over 200 of business leaders from both countries. The forum provided insights on market status of China and promote business cooperation between China and Korea.

CKGSB faculty and alumni attended the CKGSB-Dong-A Ilbo China-Korea CEO Forum on December 3 at the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul. They shared their insights on the Chinese market environment and business cooperation between China and Korea. The forum was jointly hosted by CKGSB, Dong-A Ilbo and Channel A. Under the theme of ‘Innovation Strategy in Low Growth Economy,’ the forum was held alongside the ‘Dong-A Business Forum 2015.’

Juliet Zhu, CKGSB Professor of Marketing, presents to 130 business leaders at the Leader’s Insight Night

On December 2, the night prior to the main forum, a Leader’s Insight Night was held to enable networking between entrepreneurs from China and Korea. About 130 executives took part and enjoyed themselves while seeking business opportunities and collaboration. CKGSB Professor of Marketing Juliet Zhu attracted the eyes and ears of attendees with her keen strategic sense of how best to enter the Chinese market. Leading entrepreneurs and business leaders in China including CKGSB alumni exchanged know-how and got to know each other.

Xiang Bing (left), CKGSB Founding Dean, and Shin Dong-Il (right), CEO of Lancy Group, made keynote speeches at the CKGSB-Dong-A Ilbo China-Korea CEO Forum

Over 200 C-level executives and industry experts of leading companies in China and Korea gathered at the forum. This forum opened with a keynote speech on ‘Great Revolutions Changing the World Economy’ and ‘Future-Oriented Entrepreneurship and Innovation’, delivered by CKGSB Founding Dean and Professor of China Business and Globalization Xiang Bing. He pointed out major transformations that have changed the global economic landscape including phenomena such as the ‘Chinafication of the global economy,’ ‘Reshaping the global trading system’, ‘Two-way exchanges between East and West’ and ‘Neo-Renaissance’.

“Western countries have taken the lead in developing a futuristic science, technology, culture and governance structure since the Renaissance,” said Dean Xiang. “Chinese companies should achieve future-oriented innovations to solve global challenges faced by all human beings by fostering a global consciousness and sense of responsibility alongside a broad perspective and well-honed resource-integration capability.”

CKGSB faculty and alumni at a session discussion on ‘E-Commerce & New Business’

In the first panel discussion, ‘E-Commerce & New Business,’ CKGSB Professor Juliet Zhu, CEO and Founder of Handuyishe, Zhao Yingguang, and President of VIPShop Korea, Shin Yong-San, presented their views. The discussion looked into ‘effective and differentiated online marketing strategies to appeal to Chinese consumers in China’s E-commerce market,’ ‘measures to expand business between Korea and China’ and ‘changes in online business trends.’

CKGSB Professor Juliet Zhu and alumnus Zhao Yingguang, CEO and Founder of Handuyishe

CKGSB alumnus Zhao Yingguang noted, “Not all successful businesses in Korea are guaranteed to have the same results in China. You have to grasp the characteristics of Chinese consumers to provide localized products,” answering Professor Zhu’s question about the best strategy for Korean companies.

In the panel session on ‘Healthcare in an Aging Society,’ panelists including President of Ciming Healthcare and CKGSB alumnus Han Xiaohong, Vice President of Chaum International Health Care Center Kristy Kim, Former President of Korean Medical Association Noh Hwan-Kyu, and Professor of Sogang University Jeong Yu-Shin, discussed the healthcare industry in China given the recent wave of mobile and O2O applications.

Han Xiaohong, President of Ciming Healthcare on panel about ‘Healthcare in an Aging Society’

“The Chinese government exerts efforts to reform the insurance system and tries to expand its influence while the demand for healthcare services among Chinese people is growing,” said Han Xiaohong. “China will be a great opportunity for Korean healthcare companies that own more advanced technology and philosophy.”

In the final panel session, ‘Media & Entertainment,’ strategy for exporting Korean media content to China was discussed. CKGSB Professor of Strategy Cho Dong-Sung, Chairman of New Silk Road Fashion Organization Li Xiaobai, Deputy Managing Editor of Dong-A Ilbo Ha Jong-Dae, and Director of Seoul Broadcasting System Kim Young-Seob, participated in the lively session.

Li Xiaobai, Chairman of New Silk Road Fashion Organization

“Korea and China ought to lead the market through all-round cooperation including contents development. It is important to encourage individuals to participate in content development for boosting the private market,” mentioned Li Xiaobai, replying to Professor Cho’s query toward development direction of China’s entertainment industry.

A group of panel participants after CKGSB-Dong-A Ilbo China-Korea CEO Forum

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