CKGSB Europe EE Director Explains European History to FMBA Cohort

October 15, 2014

CKGSB Europe Executive Education Director Neil Selby delivered an interactive lecture “Understanding Europe in 3 Characters and 9 Stages” to a group of FMBA students earlier this month, before leading a trip to Oxford University’s Ashmolean Museum.

Neil Selby opens the presentation at Oxford University on Saturday, 4th October, 2014

Neil Selby, Director of Executive Education at CKGSB, took CKGSB FMBA participants through a narrative journey to explain the history of Europe over the last 2,000 years, drawing on students as the main characters in his exposition.

Three students were nominated by the group to represent Greek and Roman civilization, the Christian church and the Warrior Kings that, at various points in Europe’s history, became principal characters in the development of European civilization.


The three CKGSB FMBA students chosen as principal characters (from left to right: Shi Jing, Ye Yuedong, Liu Xiaofei)


The presentation covered nine periods of European civilization: the influence of the Roman Empire to 400 AD; the invasion of the Germanic tribes from 500 AD; the development of medieval knighthood to 1000 AD; the influence of the Renaissance to 1400 AD; the changes brought by the Reformation to 1600 AD; the role of the Enlightenment up to 1750 AD; the rush for Empire up to 1900 AD; the European Wars between 100 and 1945 AD and the healing of Europe from 1950 onwards.


The role of the Church in Byzantium   Charlemagne is crowned King by the Pope


Following the presentation, Neil Selby, a graduate of Oxford University and member of The Queen’s College, Oxford, took a group of students to the Ashmolean, Oxford University’s museum, to see a carefully chosen collection of artefacts that reflect the development of world and European history, ranging from the early Chinese dynasties to the Roman and Islamic Empire and to the Jingdezhen porcelain trade between China and Europe.

FMBA student Shi Jing commented, “The course was so vividly delivered that I learnt thousands of years of European history easily in 2 hours.” FMBA student Ye Yuedong, CEO of Beijing Hengtian Wealth Management Co., Ltd. also commented, “Neil was very knowledgeable about both East and West. He brought us such an understandable view of European history through his lively role-play teaching and rich stories. We learnt it with so much fun!”

“But what impressed me most is that Neil is not only professional at conveying the essence of Western thinking but also proficient in the way of our East. This was the most wonderful course I’ve ever had.”

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