CKGSB Dean Xiang Bing Featured in Book “The World After COVID-19” by Global Business School Network
May 25, 2021

Founding Dean and Professor of China Business and Globalization at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Xiang Bing, is featured in the book, “The World after COVID-19,” published by the Global Business School Network (GBSN). Founded in 2003, the Global Business School Network (GBSN) is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the management, entrepreneurial, and leadership talent for the developing world. In the early months of the global pandemic, GBSN CEO Dan LeClair and Board Chairman Soumitra Dutta wanted to make sense of the future through the perspectives of business school deans, “who by the nature of their roles must see the world through multiple lenses—business and higher education, theory and practice, global and local.” LeClair goes on to say, “These initial interviewees gave us so much more that we extended the conversations to include business leaders.” This book is a collection of insights, views and experiences of 20 business school and business leaders from around the world.

In the book, Dean Xiang reflected on how countries can seize the moment to create a better world, and how business schools can play a vital role in finding solutions to society’s biggest challenges. He believed that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a strong pushback against globalization. Xiang says, “This de-globalization impact will be huge and long-lasting, potentially even setting globalization back 30-40 years.” He says encouragingly, “With advanced technologies, an immense amount of goodwill, compassion, and a spirit of collaboration and cooperation, we will overcome the pandemic and form new global opportunities.”

Established in Beijing in November 2002, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) aims to cultivate transformative business leaders with a global vision, a humanistic spirit, a strong sense of social responsibility and an innovative mind-set. Funded with generous support from the Li Ka Shing Foundation, CKGSB is China’s first faculty-governed, independent and private business school.

CKGSB is the preeminent choice for management education among influential business leaders and a new generation of disruptors in China. It is also the preferred choice for academics returning to China from leading global business schools. As a globally oriented business school, CKGSB has been positioning itself as the educational body for Asia Pacific.

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