CKGSB Celebrates 18 Years of Business Education Emphasizing “Business for Good”
November 25, 2020

As the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB), a leading business school from China, celebrated its 18th anniversary on November 21, it reassessed the role of business schools today, particularly in light of the global pandemic. Since CKGSB’s establishment in November 2002, its mission has been to cultivate transformative business leaders with a global vision, a humanistic spirit, a strong sense of social responsibility and an innovative mind-set.

2020 serves as a reminder for business schools to go beyond the traditional notion of corporate social responsibility and act as catalysts in bringing together businesses, NGOs, civil society and governments to collaborate on addressing some of humanity’s most pressing social issues, such as income wealth inequality, diminishing social mobility and sustainability.

With its mission in mind more than ever before, CKGSB seeks to go beyond the boundaries of business schools and inspire business leaders not only to learn how to compete and collaborate better, but also to focus on why they do business and how they apply their wealth for the greater global good. The school is working together through these challenging times to foster economic growth while simultaneously addressing humanity’s environmental and socioeconomic issues.

In addressing the COVID-19 global outbreak, CKGSB – together with its alumni and their companies – has donated more than 4 billion RMB to help combat the pandemic. CKGSB students and alumni have also contributed their time and services, and have even gone as far as transforming their businesses, to alleviate the outbreak. The school also recently topped China’s 2020 Forbes Philanthropy list with 21 CKGSB alumni featured on the top 100 list, recognized for their contributions to social innovation in education and sustainability. CKGSB Founding Dean Xiang Bing was also awarded the ‘Vanguard for Social Responsibilities’ by Southern Weekly in July this year, commended for his commitment to corporate social innovation and advancing public welfare.

As CKGSB increasingly seeks to further its mission, the school formally partnered with Goldcrest this month, to advance its work in addressing the pressing issue of climate change. Its various global programs also center on leading next-generation economic disruptors to compete and collaborate with the greater global good in mind, often partnering with leading companies like Tencent, Google and Alibaba and renowned institutions like Columbia University, Wharton and INSEAD.

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