CKGSB Associate Dean Teng Bingsheng to Speak at Economist’s Event on Outbound Investment

Teng Bingsheng, CKGSB Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Strategic Management, is scheduled to speak at “China: Prepare for Opportunity,” an event on outbound investment organized by the Economist Intelligence Unit in Beijing on May 14. Prof. Teng will discuss the difficulties faced and challenges overcome by Chinese enterprises when attempting to expand their business in new markets in the west.

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Prof. Teng Bingsheng’s Bio:

Dr. Teng Bingsheng is Associate Professor of Strategic Management and Associate Dean at CKGSB, where he oversees the school’s European programs. He formerly served as a tenured Associate Professor of Strategic Management at George Washington University (GWU), where he was a doctoral advisor and lead professor of the departmental doctoral program.

Dr. Teng has published over 20 articles in academic journals including Academy of Management Review and Organization Science. His research is included in most textbooks on strategic management. Dr. Teng’s research areas include Strategic Alliances, M&A, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Chinese Firms’ Global Strategies. He has received many rewards for his research, including the Wendell and Louis Crain Research Scholar at the GWU School of Business. His biography appears in Who's Who in America and Who's Who in American Higher Education.

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