CKGSB and aSSIST Establish an Executive MBA Program for Leading Entrepreneurs

August 26, 2015

An exciting new partnership with the Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies (aSSIST) will see CKGSB and aSSIST jointly present a brand new China Executive MBA program for their combined network of over 8,000 leading Korean and Chinese entrepreneurs.

CKGSB has signed an agreement with the Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies (aSSIST) to establish a brand new China Executive MBA program. The two schools will work with their combined networks of over 8,000 leading Korean and Chinese entrepreneurs to establish rigorous programs on all aspects of business operations in the context of the Chinese economy.

“China’s rapidly opening economy has turned the attention of business people worldwide to China’s corporate culture and business environment,” said CKGSB Dean Xiang Bing. “Through this program, CKGSB will provide in-depth insight into Chinese culture, studies and the economic and business environment for Korean business leaders that will equip them to lead the global economy in the future.”

“With the global economy changing so rapidly, the importance of Chinese and Korean economic conditions is constantly growing,” noted aSSIST President Il-Sup Kim. “This program, jointly developed by our school and CKGSB, is expected to provide a balanced view of the Chinese and Korean markets for entrepreneurs in both countries, ultimately enhancing business performance.”

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Il-Sup Kim (left), President of the Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies,

and Xiang Bing, CKGSB Founding Dean, sign the MOU on 24 August 2015

The CKGSB-aSSIST China EMBA offers a Chinese business curriculum for CEOs in China and Korea. The curriculum will help entrepreneurs make full use of business opportunities in China, based on a comprehensive understanding of emerging trends in the Chinese market and management styles in strategy, marketing and leadership. Entrepreneurs who have completed the 18-month program will receive Executive MBA degrees from both CKGSB and aSSIST.

A briefing session for the program will be held in the Westin Chosun in Seoul at 11:30 am on 3 September. CKGSB Professor of Strategy Cho Dong-Sung will introduce the China EMBA program, while aSSIST Professor Jong-Shik Kim and CKGSB Assistant Director of International Programs, Vivian Yao, will provide a detailed description of the curriculum. CKGSB Associate Dean Juliet Zhu, a professor of marketing and co-director of the CKGSB Branding Center, will share her insights and present some case studies on strategic marketing in China.

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