CKGSB 10th anniversary celebrations held in Beijing

November 22, 2012

November 22, 2012, Beijing, China, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business held its tenth anniversary celebration today at Beijing's National Convention Center. 

November 22, 2012, Beijing, China, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business held its tenth anniversary celebration today at Beijing’s National Convention Center. The festivities included a forum to address the issue of “China and the World,” as well as an event attended by nearly 4,000 alumni, teachers, students, staff, and guests from around the world. Renowned entrepreneur and investor Li Ka-shing, the school’s patron and co-founder, gave the keynote speech.

Mr. Li Ka-shing, chairman of the Li Ka Shing Foundation, visited the festival site, and delivered a keynote speech about how we all must create our own destiny.

The day began with a Forum to discuss “China and the World.” After welcome remarks by Dr. Xiang Bing, CKGSB’s Founding Dean, policy makers from the Chinese and UK governments addressed the audience with opening remarks. The Forum panel then discussed “China’s Reemergence and Its Global Impact.” The panel of political and business experts examined China and its companies’ place in the global context of emerging markets, as well as the strategic direction laid out by the 12th five-year plan and the crucial decisions that the new government leadership, as well as business leaders, will face during China’s economic, political and cultural engagement with the world.

The “China and the World” Forum. From left to right: Dr. Teng Bingsheng, Associate Dean of CKGSB; Wu Jianmin, Executive Vice President of China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy and former Chinese Ambassador to France; Wei Jianguo, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of China Center for International Economic Exchanges and former Vice Minister of Commerce; Malcolm Sweeting, Senior Partner of Clifford Chance LLP; James Richards, China Group Director of De La Rue; Shen Ling, Chief Accountant of China Minmetals Corporation; Feng Jun, Chairman and President of Aigo Digital Information Technolgoy Co., Ltd.; Michael Queen, former CEO of 3i; Chen Jinya, Vice President of Alcoa and Presdient of Asia Pacific Region for Alcoa; and Charles-Edouard Bouée, President of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants Asia.

In the afternoon, the 10th Anniversary Celebration focused on the theme of “Meeting the Challenges of Tomorrow.” The event began with opening remarks by Dean Xiang Bing, and keynote addresses from Mr. Xu Jialu, Vice Chairman of the 9th and 10th Standing Committees of the National People’s Congress and Mr. Liu Chuanzhi, Chairman of Legend Holdings and the Founder and Honorary Chairman of the Lenovo Group.

Dr. Xiang Bing, CKGSB Founding Dean talked about the school’s achievements over the past ten years, and his vision for the future.

The celebration included dialogues with faculty and students, addresses from alumni, and a graduation ceremony for the 2012 class of students. The highlight of the Celebration was an appearance by Mr. Li Ka-shing. It was by the generous support of the Li Ka Shing Foundation that CKGSB was founded in November 2002. Mr Li Ka-shing gave an inspirational speech about his background and about how everyone can be a force for positive change. “We may not be the high and mighty superheroes who can save the world from all ills,” he said. “But if the way we feel, think and act are committed to all that is just and good, our moral courage and discipline enabled us never to be unkind, untruthful, unconscionable and unfair. I hope that each and every one of our CKGSB graduates will promise to be attentive custodians of the future, together we can build a wonderful world for everyone, for generations to live with dignity, freedom and happiness in our beautiful and beloved country.”

Setting sail for the next decade of success. From left to right: Jin Ningyun, Chairman (Party Secretary) of Guangxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.; Sir Tom Hunter, Trustee of the Hunter Foundation; Hong Feng, Vice Mayor of Beijing Municipal Government; Li Ka-shing, Chairman of the Li Ka Shing Foundation; Dr. Xiang Bing, CKGSB Founding Dean; Li Lode, CKGSB Associate Dean and Professor of Operations Management; and Liu Xinghe, CKGSB MBA student.

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