China’s Leading Private Investment Company, ‘Fosun (復星國際)’

February 20, 2014

Fosun (復星國際) is well-known for its four co-founders who graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai. It’s leading contributor, who has grown the company into the biggest private investment firm in China, is ‘Guo Gwangchang(郭廣昌)’. Ryang ShinJin (梁信軍), a CKGSB MBA alum, has just been appointed to work alongside Mr. Guo. CKGSB has been highly appreciated as one of the prominent business schools in China.

While overall overseas investment has been shrinking due to the global economic recession, such investments by Chinese enterprises have been steadily increasing. Fosun (復星國際·), the largest private investment company in China, is expanding its scope from wholesale / retail to industries such as restaurants. The company has recently been at the center of the capital markets due to its active M&A activity across all sectors and regions.

In terms of the restaurants sector, Fosun has invested CNY 200 million in Malaysian franchise café ‘Secret Recipe’ and become its second largest shareholder. Established in 1997, Secret Recipe is the largest café-style restaurant franchise in Southeast Asia with over 300 stores across 10 countries, including China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

Prior to Fosun’s investment in Secret Recipe, it had made series of investments in the travel industry, including a stock acquisition of Greek accessories brand ‘Folli Follie’ as well as China’s largest travel agency ‘Chinese International Travel Service (CITS)’. Fosun also owns a shopping complex called ‘Yuyu Tourist Mart (豫園商城)’ in Shanghai. Fosun actively invests in tourism and restaurants in order to boost public consumption in China.

Real estate is another one of Fosun’s core areas of investment. ‘Real Estate Funds of Forte’, Fosun’s subsidiary real estate development group, is engaged in real estate development in major Chinese cities. Additionally, Fosun has also entered into various industrial sectors including steel, mining, retail and insurance.

In 1H 2013, Fosun achieved CNY 23.90 billion in operating income and CNY 4.70 billion in net profit (9.1% increase year-over-year). Fosun Group was founded in 2004 by four graduates from Fudan University. Fosun’s major contributor is ‘Guo Guangchang(郭廣昌)’, President of Fosun. Born in 1967 in Zhejiang Sheng, he engages in overseas investments and is often referred to as the ‘Chinese Warren Buffett’. Liang Xinjun (梁信軍), CEO and Vice President of Fosun, graduated from CKGSB MBA, which is reputed as one of the most prominent business schools in China. Wang Qunbin (汪群斌) and Fan Wei (范偉) are the other board members of Fosun.

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