China-Korea EMBA Program’s Monthly Lecture Provides Extensive Insights on China
February 21, 2019
China-Korea EMBA Program’s monthly lecture on January 17, 2019

[January 17, 2019, Seoul] Professor Young-nam Cho of Seoul National University Graduate School of International Studies gave a lecture titled, “China’s National Development Strategy in the Xi Jinping Administration” to a group of South Korean business students who are participants of the China-Korea EMBA Program. Professor Cho is a prominent expert on contemporary Chinese politics and Chinese elite politics in South Korea. He is also publically well-known after being featured in one of Korea’s famous TV programs ‘Differentiated Class’ on JTBC*. In this lecture, a number of corporate executives with ties to China and program alumni attended the lecture to gain more insights about China’s political strategies.

China-Korea EMBA Program’s monthly lecture

The China-Korea EMBA Program is a joint cooperation with CKGSB and the Seoul Business School (aSSIST), based on each institution’s strength in business education and ability to provide analysis of current business conditions through academic research. The monthly lecture delivers valuable insights regarding China’s management style, history and culture, which are led by renowned regional scholars who have demonstrated academic excellence in China-related topics.

During this lecture, Professor Cho illustrated China’s potential growth and the strong momentum that has taken off at the national level, emphasizing that China has successfully climbed up the manufacturing ladder despite its recent difficulties in their economic policies. He also predicted that China will realize its “China Dream.”

In addition, he analyzed the future direction of the national development strategy which has been proposed by the China government and explained the current conflict with the U.S. and the strict implementation of national laws, all elements that effect national development. The attendees paid very close attention throughout the class, showing interests in the details Dr. Cho shared around Chinese’s policy and future prospects.  

Hwy-Chang Moon, Chair Professor of aSSIST

In 2015, CKGSB launched the ‘CKGSB EMBA on China Business: A program for Korean Leaders (referred to as CKGSB-aSSIST China EMBA program)’ to teach Korean business executives the knowledge they need to expand into the China market. The program highlights ways to facilitate cooperation with Chinese partners and create business opportunities based on knowledge of Chinese business management, market trends, business strategies, consumer insights and Confucian leadership principles. Alumni of the program include some of South Korea’s most prominent business leaders, such as Kim Sang-hun, Management Advisor at Naver; Shin Young-su, CEO, Dongwon Home Food; and Kim Han-kyun, CEO of Korean cosmetics brand Costory.

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*JTBC is a broadcasting channel owned by JoongAng Media Group publishing JoongAng Ilbo, one of top 3 daily newspapers in Korea.

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