China Daily report on the 10th Annual Chinese Institute Executive Summit in New York: CKGSB Leaders Weigh In
November 18, 2013

On November 8, the New York-based China Institute and CKGSB co-organized the 10th Annual Chinese Institute Executive Summit in New York. The summit was themed “The Chinese Dream and the American Dream” and featured a panel of distinguished guests who discussed their views on how the U.S. and China can foster stronger relations and promote mutual economic growth.


Xiang Bing, founding dean of CKGSB, reflected on how China’s economic model integrates practices from other regions. “China's own economy [is] not dominated by any model of capitalism or management. In the U.S., it’s the American model. In Japan, it’s the Japanese model. In the UK, it’s the British model. In China, no model is dominating,” he said. “China has become, truly, a ‘United Nations’ of different versions of capitalism and management; every major version is doing so well in China.”


Greg Marchi, chief representative of CKGSB gave opening remarks, and Sun Baohong, dean’s distinguished chair of marketing at CKGSB, expressed her opinions on how consumers affect the growth of China’s economy.


Please read the full article on the China Daily website.

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