China and Korea should collaborate to research the Asian economy; CKGSB will actively recruit talented Korean MBA candidates
September 24, 2013

Korea Economic Daily, Kang Hyunwoo, 24 Sep 2013

“More than 40 Chinese professors at CKGSB are tenured faculty from top business schools like Harvard, and have a deep understanding about China. So, I would like to recommend Korean students wanting to become a genuine China experts to join the CKGSB MBA program,” said Chen Xinlei, a professor of marketing at CKGSB. “We want to actively recruit talented Korean students to enhance the understanding of the Asian market by studying Korea and China simultaneously,” said Chen, who received tenure from the management school at the University of British Columbia in Canada, and joined CKGSB last July.

CKGSB is a business school established in Beijing in 2002 with support from the Li Kashing Foundation. Although a direct comparison between CKGSB and other MBA schools is difficult because it does not participate in Financial Times’ MBA ranking, it is treated as good or even better than some of the best Asian MBA schools, such as Singapore National University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and CEIBS (China Europe International Business School). Chinese executives including Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma, Sinopec Chairman Fu Chengyu, and Focus Media Chairman Jason Jaing have attended EMBA courses at CKGSB.

Chen said, “Although CKGSB has a short 10 years of history, it has the means to recruit leading professors from North America and Europe, which helps in recruiting talented students.” Chen also emphasized that the biggest advantage of CKGSB is its powerful alumni network.

There have been 17 Korean CKGSB MBA graduates so far. Some of them returned to Korea, but the majority of them stayed in multinational companies stationed in China, working as China experts. CKGSB’s tuition fee is relatively high: 378,000 Yuan is required for the 14-month of MBA course. However, Chen said that CKGSB provides many scholarship opportunities, including the CKGSB Jangbogo Scholarship, a scholarship exclusively designed for Korean students, so the financial burden on the students are not as heavy as it otherwise might seem. 


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