Celebrating CKGSB’s 19 Years of Excellence in Business Education

November 19, 2021 | School News

We take a look at our past memories over the last 19 years, honor our achievements and explore what our future may hold.

Join us as we celebrate CKGSB’s 19th birthday on Nov 21, 2021. We take a look at our past memories over the last 19 years, honor our achievements and explore what our future may hold.

The greater CKGSB community, including faculty, staff and students have witnessed and lived through one of the greatest economic success stories the world has ever seen, experiencing China’s economic growth and engaging with the country’s booming private business sector first-hand. During this unprecedented growth, CKGSB has built itself into the preferred choice for management education among China’s business leaders and iconic entrepreneurs, producing over 17,000 alumni who run 20% of China’s most valuable brands, and over 3,000 international executives. CKGSB has collaborated with over 40 global academic and institutional partners, allowing it to provide a world-class education unlike any other school in China. With access to first-hand industry sources from our influential alumni network, our more than 40 full-time, resident professors have been able to produce over 500 case studies and extensive research on China’s business and economy. Thirty-five unicorn companies have been created through the school’s accelerator and incubator program for entrepreneurs. In 2021, 16% of Forbes China’s 50 Most Innovative Companies were run by alumni and 23 alumni were named in Forbes China Philanthropy List.

To cultivate responsible business leaders who share the school’s vision of creating a sustainable future, social innovation is incorporated at the core of what we do. As early as 2005, we pioneered incorporating the humanities into our business curricula, as we believe in fostering holistic business leaders who care for the greater good. In 2020, the CKGSB community donated RMB 4 billion towards alleviating the COVID-19 pandemic. This included donating masks, PPE, medical equipment, food and shelter to those who suffered from the pandemic. A three-project campaign initiated by CKGSB in 2017 to alleviate poverty in Ji’an utilizing CKGSB’s industry expertise in education and business successfully lifted 5 counties in the province out of poverty by 2019. We believe through social innovation we can foster collaboration among businesses, governments, multilateral institutions, non-profit organizations and civil society to develop and deploy effective and innovative solutions to humanity’s most challenging issues—like income and wealth inequality, social immobility and sustainability. 

Let us celebrate together the end of another decade by exploring exciting moments and achievements towards the advancement of education, business and society.

Visit our 19 moments in our eventful history:

Learn about 19 figures in CKGSB’s 19 years of exploration:

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