CKGSB Dialogue E-series: A Global EdTech Unicorn — before, during and after COVID-19

As the world faces the challenges brought about by COVID-19, the education industry has encountered the issue of how to better serve students and their families while they are required to stay home. For schools around the world, the solution has been to turn to online education.


As a leader in the online education industry, VIPKID has played a major role in the globalization of education. It has become a leading EdTech company in China by matching quality North American teachers to English-language learners. Despite its short history, VIPKID’s focus on innovation has made it a pioneer in the sector and even providing customized products for schools that are testing online education for the first time. Indeed, this time of crisis calls for innovation.


While the global pandemic brings challenges to many businesses, it offers opportunities to online businesses and a chance to change the status quo of education globally. Nonetheless, there are many uncertainties facing online education and the education industry as a whole:


  • How will online education platforms attract and retain customers during and beyond the outbreak?
  • What can online education do to make sure the high quality education is accessible to all people?
  • Can the online education industry sustain the current boom after schools return to their offline operations?


The Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) is pleased to address this pertinent topic on an upcoming webinar, “A Global EdTech Unicorn: Before, during and after COVID-19,” featuring Cindy MI, Founder and CEO of VIPKID, CKGSB Global MBA alumna and Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum; LI Yang, CKGSB Professor of Marketing and Academic Director of the Global MBA Program; and ZHOU Li, CKGSB Assistant Dean.


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Date: Sunday, April 12, 2020


Time: 9:00 pm -10:30 pm (China) | 9:00 am – 10:30 am (US EDT)


Language:English, with simultaneous translation into Chinese


Platform: Zoom



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  • 9:00pm - 9:05pm Opening Remark
    Mr. ZHOU Li, Assistant Dean, CKGSB
  • 9:05pm - 9:45pm Keynote: Decode the growth
    of VIPKID, an online education unicorn

    Cindy MI,

    Founder and CEO of VIPKID,

    Alumna of CKGSB Global MBA Program

    Alumna of Chuang Community

    Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum

  • 9:45pm - 10:25pm Dialogue & Open Q&A

    Moderator: ZHOU LI


    Cindy MI

    Prof. LI Yang

    CKGSB Professor of Marketing

    Academic Director of Global MBA, CKGSB

  • 10:25pm -10:30pm Conclusion
About the Speakers
  • Cindy MI

    Founder and CEO of VIPKID

    CKGSB Global MBA Class of 2010 Alumna

    Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum

    In 2013, Cindy founded VIPKID, an industry leader and innovator in real-time online English language education for children, serving a community of over 700,000 paying students and over 90,000 teachers in the US and Canada. Now, with a valuation of $4.5 billion, VIPKID is the biggest unicorn in China’s EdTech market and is named as “The World’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies” by Fast Company in 2018.

    Before that, Cindy earned her MBA degree from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) in Beijing, which fostered Cindy’s entrepreneurial spirit and encouraged her to start own businesses, and connected her with China’s the most disruptive companies, such as Tencent and Baidu.

  • LI Yang

    Associate Professor of Marketing

    Academic Director of Global MBA, CKGSB

    Prof. LI received his Ph.D. from Columbia Business School, where he had taught undergraduate and MBA classes. His research focuses on Internet marketing and branding. Professor LI has up-to-dated case studies on branding for young Chinese consumers including HEYTEA, Li-Ning and ANTA. He also has consulted for the most disruptive companies in China, involving Tencent, Baidu, Haier and Yonghui Groups, and also holds a U.S. patent.

    Prior to joining business academia, Dr. LI had earned a bachelor degree in electronics science from Peking University, a master degree in biomedical engineering from Columbia University, and worked for United Nations in New York.

  • ZHOU Li
    Assistant Dean, CKGSB

    Mr. ZHOU Li joined CKGSB in 2010 as an Assistant Dean. He is primarily responsible for the School’s English-language Executive Education Programs, Global MBA Program, overseas operations, Case Center and applied research projects. He also serves as Chief Editor for CKGSB Knowledge, the School’s English-language magazine. He teaches “Understand China and Its Business People” to Executive MBA students of top-tier business schools and senior executives of global companies from around the world. 

    Prior to CKGSB, Mr. ZHOU worked for more than 20 years as CEO and in other management positions at telecom, IT, investment and consulting companies in Canada, Hong Kong and mainland China. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at Renmin University in China and his MBA at McGill University in Canada.

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Understand China from the inside

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