7 CKGSB Alumni Make Fortune’s “China’s Most Influential Businesswomen of 2022” List

November 16, 2022 | School News

Seven CKGSB alumni have been named on “China’s Most Influential Businesswomen 2022” list, recently released by Fortune China.

Seven CKGSB alumni have been named on “China’s Most Influential Businesswomen of 2022” list, recently released by Fortune China. As business leaders either steering large MNCs and private companies, or up-and-coming entrepreneurs who represent the future of business, these female alumni have made enormous contributions to both China’s and thus the world’s economic landscape. The following alumni were included on the list:

Trudy Dai: Co-founder of Alibaba, President of Alibaba’s Core Domestic E-commerce; Alumna of CKGSB’s Business Scholars Program

Trudy Dai is one of the founding members of Alibaba having worked at the company since 1999. She has served in many senior roles including chief customer officer from 2014 to 2017, president of Alibaba’s Industrial E-commerce from 2017 to 2021, and as of January 2022 president of Alibaba’s Core Domestic E-commerce which encompasses Greater Taobao (Taobao, Tmall & Alimama), as well as various other of Alibaba’s businesses.



Yang Lijuan: CEO of Haidilao; Alumna of CKGSB’s CEO program

Yang Lijuan started out aged 17 as a waitress at the hotpot restaurant Haidilao at its first store in Jianying, Sichuan. She later would be promoted to local store manager and eventually play a key role in helping the chain establish restaurants all across China as well as overseas in the United States and Singapore. She is one of the only executives who hold shares in the company in addition to the four founders.




Charise Le – Chief Human Resources Officer, Schneider Electric; Alumna of CKGSB’s EE Program

Since joining Schneider Electric in 2005, Charise Le has held multiple roles in the company and gone from Executive of Human Resources in Asia Pacific to Executive of the company’s Global Human Resources Strategy.





Wu Yajun: Co-founder and former President of the Board of Longfur Properties; Alumna of CKGSB’s CEO program

As the former chairwoman, CEO, and co-founder of Longfur Properties, Wu is one of China’s richest self-made women. After starting out as a mechanical engineer and journalist, she moved into China’s booming property sector in the 1990s and built Longfur Properties into one of China’s most prosperous developers. She stepped down in August 2022 after a long and successful career at the company.

In addition to the “China’s Most Influential Businesswomen” list, Fortune China also released their “China’s Most Influential Up-and-coming Businesswomen of 2022” list in which 3 CKGSB Alumni were named. They are:

Sun Dan: Global Senior Vice President of Seagate Technology and President of Seagate Technology for China; Alumna of CKGSB’s Business Scholars Program and EMBA program

Sun Dan held various roles in senior management at IBM from 1994 before she joined the data storage company Seagate Technology in 2014. As president of Seagate Technology’s China business, she is responsible for marketing, business development and technical support in the region. Sun has been at the forefront of the company’s transformation from a world-renowned traditional hard disk manufacturer to a data storage manufacturer.




Mio Ho – Partner at Onion Global; Alumni of CKGSB’s EMBA program

As a partner at Onion Global – the lifestyle brand company that connects fashionable and tech-based international brands to Chinese consumers – Mio Ho has played a key role in the cross-border social e-commerce movement in China by developing, marketing, and distributing global brands. She has also worked with many Chinese brands helping them launch into overseas markets.




Yang Yi: Founder and Managing Partner of Jinyi Capital; Alumna of CKGSB’s EMBA program

Yang Yi worked at many of the world’s top private equity funds at Morgan Stanley, Citi Group and The Carlyle Group. She later founded her own venture capital firm, Jinyi Capital, and through its investments has contributed to the advancement of China’s consumption and manufacturing industries.

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