2016 Mentorship Program Kicks-off January 21

March 07, 2018

Highly anticipated mentorship program scheduled for kick-off in January.

CKGSB MBA’s highly regarded mentorship program provides MBA students with an exclusive and valuable opportunity for professional development. This is one of the most highly anticipated program offerings for MBA students. As current MBA student Eric Chung remarks, “The prestigious mentorship program is designed for the MBA students to grow.”

Last year, the mentorship program not only achieved the highest ever mentor-to-mentee ratio in program history, the roster of mentors also featured highly influential business leaders such as Stone Shi of Amazon, James Huang of KPCB, and Feng Lun of Vantone. Not only do the mentors have to be recognized as successful business leaders, they also have to accept the responsibilities of providing facetime with their mentee as well as an open sharing for the MBA class. The mentees are able to access a slice of their mentor’s available time and bountiful wisdom.

MBA2014 student Boris Nikolic shares an account of his relationship with his mentor: “My mentor, Mr. Stephen Maher of Mondelēz International, was responsive to every message, email and phone call from me. I met him regularly and the meetings were very useful, particularly for a foreign student trying to understand China and the markets here. Mr. Maher is very energetic and meeting him enables a student to get an enormous amount of useful information for growth in a very short period of time. Mr. Maher has also shown to be humble and easily accessible by students.”

The MBA mentorship program runs for the duration of the student’s time at CKGSB.  This year’s kick-off ceremony will be held on January 21 2016. To learn more, please email

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Understand China from the Inside

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