2014 Lianghui – Viewpoints from CKGSB Alumni
March 12, 2014

Beijing, March 12, 2014 – As 2014 Lianghui in China’s capital approaches its final days, we have witnessed a myriad of commentary regarding major issues and legislation. Among the thousands of delegates in attendance at the National People’s Congress (NPC), Chinese legislature, and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), several leaders hail from CKGSB’s distinguished programs. Below is a selection of viewpoints from our school’s alumni on various major issues discussed throughout the annual meetings.

People’s Livelihood

1. Li Zhenjiang, Chairman of Shineway Pharmaceutical Group: Accelerate Innovation in Medicine

CKGSB alumnus and NPC delegate, Li Zhenjiang, submitted a proposal to accelerate the inclusion of innovative medicine into the national health insurance plan. He also suggested to strengthen the role of the national medical insurance policy in further promoting the development and innovation of pharmaceutical companies in China.

2. Pei Chunliang, Chairman of Chunjiang Group: Raise Educational Standards by Helping Rural Teachers

CKGSB alumnus Pei Chunliang advocated for the improvement in salaries and benefits for teachers living and teaching in rural areas of China. He suggested that only by raising their standards of living, will it lead to improvements in rural education quality and increased motivation amongst these teachers.

3. Guo Xiangdong, Chairman & CEO of Dong Zhao Chang Tai Investment Group: Rationalize the Working Class Salary System

CKGSB alumnus Guo Xiangdong recommended the development of guidelines regarding the salary system for the working class in China. He pointed to many problems, such as labor income not keeping up with economic growth, significant income gap amongst the working population, and a lack of a rationalized salary system in many enterprises.

Economic Reform

1. Ding Shizhong, Chairman & CEO of ANTA Sports Products: A Proposal to Focus on Transforming China’s Traditional Industries

CKGSB alumnus Ding Shizhong indicated that new economic proposals should focus on the improvement and transformation of traditional industries such as lighting, which is currently facing issues regarding sales, marketing, production and management globalization.

2. Yuan Yafei: Development of Mixed Ownership is a “Must”

CKGSB alumnus Yuan Yafei suggested that a mix of public and private ownership in Chinese companies would be the optimal structure. He also encouraged an open market mechanism to play a central role in financial reform.

Environmental Protection

1. An Guiwu, Mayor of Bai Cheng City, Jinlin Province: Electrical Energy Can Enrich Agriculture, Revitalize Industry and Protect Environment

CKGSB alumnus and NPC delegate, An Guiwu, proposed that electric energy is essential to agriculture and industry, and that it should ultimately replace coal energy to fuel more environmental-friendly, urban construction.

2. Zhang Zequn: Recommending Ban on Production and Sale of Disposable Chopsticks

CKGSB alumnus and CCTV presenter, Zhang Zequn, proposed a ban on the production and sale of disposable chopsticks as part of an environmental-friendly campaign.

3. Rao Nanhu, Mayor and Deputy Director of Municipal Party Committee of Yuxi City, Yunnan Province: Government Should Play Key Role in Social Welfare

CKGSB alumnus and NPC delegate, Rao Nanhu, suggested that the government should service enterprises to better enable the development of enterprises, and also become a ‘people’s government’ by providing more jobs, welfare, fairness and justice.

4. Wang Yusuo, Chairman of Xin’ao Group: Optimize the Energy Structure and Scientifically Construct Eco-Friendly City

CKGSB alumnus and NPC delegate, Wang Yusuo, explained that the traditional model of urban development has brought about resource constraints, environmental pollution, ecological degradation and other issues. Therefore, we must consider other forms of sustainable development in order to create a truly eco-friendly city.

Government Policy

1. Tang Liangzhi, Mayor of Wuhan: Managing Economic Resources in 2014 and Beyond

CKGSB alumnus and NPC delegate, Tang Liangzhi, emphasized the importance of efficiently managing economic resources across various industries. “We should pay particularly close attention to managing production, improving efficiency, developing marketing, building industrial parks and implementing projects, all while maximizing energy efficiency.”

2. Shen Jian: Invite Community Organizations to Participate in Politics and Take Part in the Responsibilities of Government

CKGSB alumnus and CPPCC member, Shen Jian, advised that we should we should make full use of the democratic politic platform of CPPCC and provide open-minded channels for different levels and interest groups. Meanwhile, we should focus on strengthening consensus and gathering resources to achieve our goals.


1. Liu Hanyuan, CEO of Tongwei Group: Too Much Taxation Burden

CKGSB alumnus and NPC delegate, Liu Hanyuan, proposed that taxes should be adjusted based on an enterprise’s scale and profitability, in order to fully maximize economic development.


1. Yu Jianfu: Chinese Enterprises Should Establish Modern Corporate Governance Structure

CKGSB alumnus Yu Jianfu urges Chinese enterprises to establish modern corporate governance as soon as possible, including independent ownership, operation and custody, whose interests are shared, equivalent, and protected by the law.

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