Ucommune: Shared Office Space in China
Supervising professor: Teng Bingsheng; Case Researchers: Mei Xinlei, Yang Yan    [ Language available : Chinese / English ]
How has the shared office space model made famous by WeWork established itself in China?

Compared to incubators, the new shared office “species” imported from the West is taking a different path in China. With “table” space as its unit, it provides office, investment and financing services for small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs, and builds an online platform to break through physical boundaries to create a community ecology. This is Ucommune’s strategic blueprint. How has the strategy actually taken root in China? How should occupancy rates and spatial efficiency be optimized? Ucommune is developing a standardized management system, personalized business services, and a set of online platforms with which to manage everything. Explorations and adjustments continue apace.

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