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No.1 Salary in Greater China according to FT listing
  • Learn from CKGSB’s globally-acclaimed professors, deeply rooted in China

    CKGSB’s more than 40 full-time, resident professors will help you to better understand the complex Chinese business landscape. Many of our world-class faculty members have held tenured positions at top institutions, such as Wharton and Yale, before joining CKGSB.

  • Connect with and become part of an exclusive alumni network

    The CKGSB alumni network is unparalleled within China, providing CKGSB alumni with access to many of China’s most successful entrepreneurs and companies.

  • Tap into the latest insights on and from China

    Learn how to do business in China and with China. CKGSB’s own on-the-ground research makes us an authority on how newly globalized Chinese companies are transforming the way business is done around the world. The MBA program will bring you up to speed on the latest economic and industrial trends in China.

  • Acquire a profound understanding through humanities courses

    Studying for an MBA at CKGSB will provide you with a deep understanding of the context for today’s geopolitical shifts and international relations. Develop a long term perspective, give back to the community and satisfy your intellectual curiosity through CKGSB’s humanities and philanthropy courses.

  • Dive into action learning with real-life immersion in China’s dynamic businesses

    CKGSB’s MBA program has been designed to equip you with the necessary business skills and networks. Work with businesses; learn how to tackle real-life challenges and to develop creative problem-solving techniques.

Highest Salary in mainland China
*Reported in the Financial Times, based on self-reported salary information in Chinese RMB in 2016 (one-year post MBA) and converted using PPP to USD$ figures, CKGSB MBA graduates made an annual median salary of $132,196, which is listed among the best paid graduates in the greater China region.
    • Top Salary in mainland China
    • 47% of Students are Female
    • 29.4 Average Age of Students
    • 30% of MBA Alumni
    • 680 Average GMAT Score
    • 11 Types of Scholarships
    • 26% International Student
Hear from our Distinguished Faculty
Xu Chenggang, CKGSB Professor of Economics and Winner of the 2016 China Economics Prize, talks about how living through one of China's most difficult periods has shaped his teaching outlook today.
Featured Faculty: Xu Chenggang, DBA, Executive Education, EMBA, FMBA
Student Stories
From raising awareness of endangered species to founding a multi-million dollar English tutorial start-up, our alumni go on to do some extraordinary things to help shape the future.
Our accelerated 14-month English language MBA program helps young professionals transform into global business leaders with a strong understanding of China and other emerging economies. You will receive unique mentoring opportunities that connect you to a Who’s Who of business in China as you learn from seasoned global academics in China's dynamic market.
Stay updated on the latest application deadline for 2020.
Feb 17
How our MBA Program is Changing Careers and Changing Lives
A China-focused program for next-gen business leaders seeking a global perspective and social justice
  • CKGSB MBA China Module in Beijing Available for Application Now!
    Only 10 seats for the first-week sessions in the module are open to candidates wishing to experience the unique MBA life in CKGSB!
  • Launching Ceremony and Forum of CKGSB Alumni Association Korea Chapter
    The inaugural ceremony and forum of CKGSB Alumni Association Korea Chapter will be held in Seoul on August 27th with the theme of "The New Global Order: the Role of Confucian Economic Bloc".
  • CKGSB MBA Launch First Full-Tuition Philanthropy Scholarship for Outstanding Global Talents with a Philanthropic Spirit
    As a continued demonstration to CKGSB’s commitment to philanthropy, the CKGSB MBA Program will now award The Social Responsibility and Green Future Scholarship (“the Philanthropy Scholarship”) each year to students that have demonstrated a commitment to the environment and to ethical business leadership.
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