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No.1 Salary in Greater China according to FT listing

Our school has a unique value proposition compared to other schools in China because our professors are leading figures in their industries. We’re uniquely positioned to bridge academics and industry.

Professor Ou-Yang Hui Distinguished Chair Professor of Finance and Associate Dean of CKGSB MBA
  • Full-time World-Class Faculty

    CKGSB’s more than 40 full-time, resident professors will help you to better understand the complex Chinese business landscape. Many of our world-class faculty members have held tenured positions at top institutions, such as Wharton and Yale, before joining CKGSB.

  • Innovative Curriculum

    CKGSB’s 14-month MBA program Our curriculum emphasizes learning at both professional and personal levels. Our wide range of core courses, electives and business simulations highlight key China topics, bolstered by US modules and a multi-campus learning experience to foster a truly global perspective.

  • Unsurpassed Alumni Network

    CKGSB’s alumni group is recognized as one of the most exclusive in China. Connecting with our alumni network means you have a link to China’s experienced entrepreneurs and well-established companies.

  • Global Learning Platform

    CKGSB is recognized as one of the most globalized business schools in China for its success in facilitating top-level exchange between businesses, academics, nonprofits and government sectors around the world. CKGSB works with close to 40 leading universities to provide students with a wide range of resources worldwide.

Highest Salary in mainland China
*Reported in the Financial Times, based on self-reported salary information in Chinese RMB in 2016 (one-year post MBA) and converted using PPP to USD$ figures, CKGSB MBA graduates made an annual median salary of $132,196, which is listed among the best paid graduates in the greater China region.
    • Top Salary in mainland China
    • 47% of Students are Female
    • 29.4 Average Age of Students
    • 30% of MBA Alumni
    • 680 Average GMAT Score
    • 11 Types of Scholarships
    • 26% International Study Body
Hear from our Distinguished Faculty
Xu Chenggang, CKGSB Professor of Economics and Winner of the 2016 China Economics Prize, talks about how living through one of China's most difficult periods has shaped his teaching outlook today.
Featured Faculty: Xu Chenggang, DBA, Executive Education, EMBA, FMBA
Alumni Stories
From raising awareness of endangered species to founding a multi-million dollar English tutorial start-up, our alumni go on to do some extraordinary things to help shape the future.
  • CKGSB alumna Cindy Mi, founded VIPKID in 2013 after completing her MBA degree at CKGSB. Now, with a valuation of $3 billion USD, she has built one of China's fastest growing and most exciting start-up companies, VIPKID. Her goal - to change the future of education in China and abroad through technology.
  • British entrepreneur Rory Bate-Williams calls his MBA program at CKGSB in Beijing a "life-changing experience". Now he's back in London working on three separate businesses and putting those lessons learnt in China to work in the UK.
  • Hong Kong native, Michelle Lau, says that studying at CKGSB means having the resources to operate in the Chinese market. After completing her MBA, she decided to help expand her family medical practice which provides treatment not available in mainland China. Now, with the insights and network she's gained from studying at CKGSB, she is helping her family practice provide more medical treatments to patients in need.
Our accelerated 14-month English language MBA program helps young professionals transform into global business leaders with a strong understanding of China and other emerging economies. You will receive unique mentoring opportunities that connect you to a Who’s Who of business in China as you learn from seasoned global academics in China's dynamic market.
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Mar 11
  • Launching Ceremony and Forum of CKGSB Alumni Association Korea Chapter
    The inaugural ceremony and forum of CKGSB Alumni Association Korea Chapter will be held in Seoul on August 27th with the theme of "The New Global Order: the Role of Confucian Economic Bloc".
  • Join CKGSB at the QS World MBA Tour in August and September 2018
    You are invited to join us at the QS World MBA Tour at major cities around the globe in August and September. Whether it’s to explore what China has to offer, discover new careers or jump into the most exciting start-up environment in the world, we will show you how you can do it at CKGSB.
  • CKGSB MBA Launch First Full-Tuition Philanthropy Scholarship for Outstanding Global Talents with a Philanthropic Spirit
    As a continued demonstration to CKGSB’s commitment to philanthropy, the CKGSB MBA Program will now award The Social Responsibility and Green Future Scholarship (“the Philanthropy Scholarship”) each year to students that have demonstrated a commitment to the environment and to ethical business leadership.

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A 5-day China immersion program for start-ups and growth companies to learn, partner and pitch.

Facilitates US and Chinese executives to increase their effectiveness as a digital marketing leader on a global scale

A program helps next-generation family business leaders with their succession and expansion strategies, while offering them a global network.

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January 14, 2019
Dancing to a New Beat: BRI is Changing Rapidly As It Matures
What a difference a year makes. Last summer, there was a sense of unstoppable momentum behind the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China’s trillion-dollar plan to build a network of infrastructure connecting Africa, Asia and Europe. When China hosted...read full article
January 08, 2019
How China’s E-commerce Boom Pushes Automation to the Next Level
Compared to other sectors, Chinese e-commerce firms are among the first batches of firms to embrace automation. China accounts for nearly half of global demand for AGVs, enabling one warehouse to process up to 100,000 orders a day with a staff of 20 human...read full article
January 03, 2019
Mending China’s Data Fences
Online data theft is rife in China, affecting more than 80% of Internet users, and tech companies often display a cavalier attitude to using people’s personal information. But things may change. In May, the government implemented new data protection...read full article
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