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China’s economy is the world’s largest in terms of purchasing power, so if you are to succeed in your global business, you must ensure a winning strategy and business in China. CKGSB Executive Education programs offer you the best practices and networks that you need to succeed in China and gain a competitive advantage in your international business.


    To understand global business opportunities through a China lens, it’s necessary to study from experts on the ground. Most of CKGSB’s faculty members are natives of China, who are able to understand and analyze China’s rapidly changing landscape without cultural barriers. At the same time, many of them held tenured positions in top global business schools, such as Harvard, Wharton and Yale, prior to joining CKGSB.


    CKGSB’s cutting-edge research provides you the latest trends and analysis on the Chinese economy. Our faculty’s ground-breaking research and regular surveys on different sectors and the macro-economy in China have been billed as the first of their kind in terms of scale, depth and reliability of data. While our research and case centers have produced more than 400 China-specific cases and reports that will offer you best practices on competition and collaboration in China, multinationals’ China strategy, innovative Chinese business models and other trends.


    CKGSB’s programs are tailored to your executive needs. Since our inception, we have focused on meeting the educational needs of C-suite business leaders, since we believe that you need to continue learning to meet the challenges posed by today’s technological, social and geopolitical changes. Today, CKGSB is the preferred choice of more than 10,000 business executives, such as the CEOs and Founders of Alibaba, Fosun, Huawei, Midea, AVIC, CITIC and Sinopec. CKGSB also regularly delivers custom programs to the management teams of multinationals like Agilent Technologies, Clifford Chance, Cummins and Lego Education.


    CKGSB’s alumni group is recognized as one of the most exclusive in China. Connecting with our alumni network means you have a link to China’s experienced entrepreneurs and well-established companies. In fact, among our more than 10,000 alumni, 50% are at the Chairman or CEO level and, collectively, they run one fifth of China’s most valuable brands.

Business school is about the network and CKGSB’s network is very good. The professors are second-to-none. They have a good insight of both East and West and they understand where China is heading.
Gregory Van den Bergh
Founder of Micai
The program was an incredible success. I learn more about China than I thought was impossible. I learned about myself, and I learned how to properly position myself and my company for the China market.
Marc Wolenik
China Start Program Participant
CEO of
I was really looking for professors that can take both inside-out and outside-in approaches in teaching and with a global view as well. Here at CKGSB, it has been a positive surprise but it was also part of my expectation. I think that’s the uniqueness because the class is almost real-time. I spent a lot of time on emails after class because I literally had no time as I was quite fascinated by the class. It’s energizing to be able to pull yourself out from very busy day to day work and focus on listening and learning something new. I find the program fit into a large group of audience, both MNCs trying to rethink their strategy in China market and new entrant in the market.
Silvia Ding
Managing Director of South China, Maersk Hong Kong Limited
CKGSB Alumnus
The program offers a unique cross-cultural experience and prepares students to become future global business leaders. Faculty from two world-class schools – Cornell and CKGSB – come together and offer unparalleled expertise and education. There is no other program that has such high-caliber faculty, participants and networking opportunities. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Nathan Young
GEL Program Participant
Master’s Student at Cornell University, Columbia University 2014
Even for someone like me – I’m originally from Japan, working in the US for an American company that does business around the world – it is quite difficult to fully understand all of the business and cultural nuances of China. The country’s economy and business landscape is moving faster than any other market. This program really provided me with insightful on-the-ground Eastern and Western perspectives on management and business environments.
Miyoko Demay
VP, Global Sales Operations, Tiffany & Co.
Our professors are globally-recognized China experts. Learn more about how they see business opportunities in today's world.
Message from Associate Dean Sun Baohong

By immersing you into the market’s realities, CKGSB Executive Education programs help you explore the key elements of China’s cultural and business environment. Our programs cover a wide range of areas, offered by China experts comprised of CKGSB’s renowned faculty and industry leaders. You will also learn from and network with high-profile executives from China and around the world.

Dr. Sun Baohong CKGSB Dean’s Distinguished Chair Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean for CKGSB Americas
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