China’s leading business network
China’s leading business network
Learn from the business leaders who have shaped what China is today. Our network of international alumni, more than half of whom are at the Chairman or CEO level, collectively lead one-fifth of China’s most valuable brands.
  • 12K+
    Alumni worldwide
  • 50%
    of alumni are at
    the CEO or Chairman level
  • 66
    of Fortune China’s
    Top 500 companies in 2017 were led by CKGSB alumni
  • 10
    CKGSB alumni were in HBR China’s list of “100 Best Performing CEOs” in 2016
CKGSB Alumna Leads Campaign for a
Greener Lifestyle in China
Former Chief Representative in China for WildAid, May Mei, explains how her EMBA at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business gave her the tools to launch her current venture GoalBlue, which raises awareness about environmental issues in China and promotes low-carbon lifestyles.
Featured Alumni: May Mei, GoalBlue
Alumni Stories
From raising awareness of endangered species to founding a multi-million dollar English tutorial start-up, our alumni go on to do some extraordinary things to help shape China’s future.
  • CKGSB alumna Cindy Mi, founded VIPKID in 2013 after completing her MBA degree at CKGSB. Now, with a valuation of $3 billion USD, she has built one of China's fastest growing and most exciting start-up companies, VIPKID. Her goal - to change the future of education in China and abroad through technology.
  • CKGSB MBA alumnus Greg Van den Bergh never thought he would make a life in China but after completing his degree at CKGSB, he could not pass on a chance to start his own fintech company. Watch his journey and see how CKGSB helped him realize a dream.
  • British entrepreneur Rory Bate-Williams calls his MBA program at CKGSB in Beijing a "life-changing experience". Now he's back in London working on three separate businesses and putting those lessons learnt in China to work in the UK.
Student Voices
With its world-class professors and fast-growing China market context, CKGSB offers those who aspire to be a business leader international cutting-edge concepts and fresh research on the Chinese market. A close-knit network among alumni and genuine friendships between classmates makes CKGSB a family that I can benefit from. I further believe that the intensive, accelerated one-year program is the right choice to sharpen my business skills in a cost effective and time efficient manner.
Hao Gang, MBA '11 intake
Student Voices
2011, I quit my job at a state owned enterprise to co-founded an NGO that engages to improve youth’s involvement in international cooperation, connecting them with big platforms including APEC, G20, ASEAN, etc. Eight years, we work to shape over 400,000 youth students and women start-ups into leaders with global perspective, who are well-prepared for challenges and opportunities of globalization.

What we do is beautiful, but how to make the beautiful things sustainable, this seems to be the long-lasting challenge that every non-profit organization faces. And I come for solution to GKGSB. CKGBS attracts me with its world-class faulty, cutting-edge research on business issues and the specific China topics on development and its stand in the world. What’s more, its pioneering initiative of involving philanthropy into education courses has made me believe this could be the place to stop, and to restart.
Beth Guo(China)
Industry: International Relations
Title/Function:Co-founder, CEO
University:Beijing International Studies University
Student Voices
I was immediately captivated by the school’s overwhelming ambition to become a global business school whilst incorporating eastern principles into an academic field traditionally dominated by western theory.
Rory Bate-Williams
MBA Class of 2013
Student Voices
I’ve been inspired by two mentors at work who come from CKGSB since I was 19 years old. Back then I was still at school and I took a gap year to join VIPKID. These years’ startup work experience has shaped my characters. CKGSB, the hub for startups, has entrepreneurship in its DNA. The professors and curriculum set it apart from any other programs in China. Studying at CKGSB will allow me to continue following in their footsteps and obtain systematic business knowledge.

I feel very excited to join CKGSB family and learn from and with the best! Every single one of us has something that we're good at. Every single one of us has something to offer. My life goal is to always become a better person and help more people grow. Through the MBA, I wish I can be a diligent student, a sincere friend and a potential leader!
Gatsby Dai(China)
Industry: Education
University:China Foreign Affairs University
Student Voices
As the international business school that understands China most, CKGSB is able to understand stories of different people and recognize unique value of every person. CKGSB doesn’t assess applicants only by the common career path, but believes in the unlimited possibilities created by various backgrounds. This attribute is crucial to people who seek career transformation. From my perspective, the Chinese characteristics of CKGSB is the core competitive advantage that distinguishes CKGSB from other international business school. It’s like a specialized key that can open the door of knowledge about the special market economy of China. Rooted in China, CKGSB also owns powerful international vision and its first-class faculty and resources would enable students to follow the frontier of world development without going abroad.

I believe that CKGSB is my perfect choice to realize my career transformation, which is also a significant change throughout my life. In CKGSB, I can not only harvest knowledge improvement, but also gain relationship building, resource integration and vision expansion. Just as Dean Xiang Bing says ‘to watch the earth from the moon’, I hope to achieve this ‘moon landing’ after my experience in CKGSB.
Xu Hu(China)
Industry: Government
Title/Function:General Management
University:Sydney University
A Truly Global Platform of International Alumni
Our students come from many of the leading Chinese and international companies. And although we are best known in China, our students come from countries all around the world.
  • Zhou Hongyi
    Chairman and CEO of Qihoo 360
  • Sun Yiping
    CEO of Mengniu Group
  • Liang Xinjun
    Former Vice Chairman and CEO of Fosun Group
  • Fan Min
    Co-Founder of Ctrip
  • Fu Chengyu
    Former Chairman of SINOPEC
  • Sir Tom Hunter
    Founder of West Coast Capital
  • Jack Ma
    Founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba
  • Niu Gensheng
    Founder of Mengniu Dairy Group
  • Malcolm Sweeting
    Senior Partner of Clifford Chance
  • Chen Yidan
    Co-founder of China’s largest internet technology company
  • Li Dongsheng
    Chairman and CEO of TCL
  • Lin Zuoming
    Chairman and Executive Director of the Avaiation Industry Corrporation of China
  • Ralf Speth
    CEO of Jaguar Land Rover
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