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What is china start


A three-month China immersion program, for global scales-up and start-up companies to learn China-specific knowledge, network with potential local partners and pitch for Chinese investment. It provides excellent opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs to capture the inspiring China opportunities.

Message from Assistant Dean

With the Chinese government’s ever-increasing desire for Western technology, CKGSB’s presence in Europe has identified the abundance and diversity of innovation and entrepreneurship, but equally, the lack of understanding about how to successfully integrate their business into China. China Start offers a solution for those who want to understand the Chinese market, grow their business, receive funding and partner with businesses and investors in the Chinese venture ecosystem.

CKGSB’s influential international alumni base will develop participant’s networks and partnerships with China’s industry leaders, helping your business to meet the most relevant people. China Start provides an elite standard of China venture ecosystem knowledge that will help participants to understand China and industry specific knowledge that is essential for successful integration into China. 

 Ji  Bo
Chief Representative in Europe
Assistant Dean

who should attend

China Start Program is for individuals who have the hunger to acquire China specific knowledge, global network and investment that will aid them in successfully delivering their China market entry strategies. Especially for high-potential, globally minded executives, entrepreneurs and investors, who see their team or organization’s future strategy closely aligned with the growing opportunities presented by China. 

how can you benefit

China Start program features investment pitching sessions with Chinese angels, VC and PE investors that can offer participants the possibility to acquire a substantial investment and company visit to network and partner with top-notch industry leaders in the Chinese venture ecosystem

Changed my life; business-wise and personally. Now I need to learn Chinese! 100% satisfaction, truly a great program.
Aki Soudunsaari
Naturvention, CEO, Finland
The program was an incredible success. I learn more about China than I thought was impossible. I learned about myself, and I learned how to properly position myself and my company for the China market.
Marc Wolenik
China Start Program Participant
CEO of
If you want to do business in China, attend China Start first. The CKGSB team have extraordinary access to the most powerful and influential leaders in China. The event was demanding, but packed with learning and commercial opportunities.
Tony Craddock
Emerging Payments Association, Director General, UK
We are raising our business in Shenzhen, so it's being a fantastic opportunity to network and connect with other entrepreneurs who are exploring the system.
Francisco Serra-Martins
China Start Program Participant
CEO of Sonder Design and recipient of Forbes 30 Under 30
when is china start

Upcoming session:

2 Oct – 4 Dec, 2020

Application Deadline: 

30 Sep 2020

Program Curriculum
China Start Programme Schedule for 2020
  • Month 1

    Investment Pitch Workshop: How to pitch to Chinese Investors
    Mr. JI Bo, Assistant Dean

    Cross-cultural Management in Chinese Context:
    How to turn differences into advantages

    Mr. JI Bo, Assistant Dean

    Investment Pitch (1) – Fosun Group
    Hosted by International Investment Team of Fosun Group

  • Month 2

    Winning strategies in China: Alliances & Acquisitions &
    China entry strategy

    Prof. TENG Bingsheng, Associate Dean

    How to get Investment & Capital in China
    Mr. Gary YANG, Founding Partner of Sky Saga Capital

    Investment Pitch (2) – Cybernaut Investment Group
    Hosted by Dr. Matthew WANG, President of Cybernaut Investment Group

  • Month 3

    Social Media Marketing in China
    Mr. JI Bo, Assistant Dean

    Globalization & China’s model of economic development:
    an historical and global perspective

    Prof. XIANG Bing, Founding Dean

    Investment Pitch (3) – VC and PE investors
    Up to 100+ top-tier investors Presence

    (Including China’s Leading VCs and PE investors: Zhongguancun
    Equity Investment Association (ZVCA ), Shenzhen Venture Capital
    Association(SZVCA), Shenzhen Stock Exchange North Summit
    Capital, China FOF Association, Sky Saga Capital, Hongtai)

Application Deadline
Please complete and submit the application form before the deadline.
Sep 30
China Start faculty
  • JI BO
    Program Director; Chief Representative, CKGSB Europe; Assistant Dean, Global Executive Education
    Global Business Insights, Entrepreneurs advisor
    Founding Dean; Professor of China Business and Globalization; Director of the Centre on China and Globalization; PhD, University of Alberta
    Business in China, Constructive Innovations, Global Implications of China’s Economic Transformation, Innovation and Globalization by Chinese Companies, Innovation in Management Education, Reform of SOEs, Relationship Between State and Business, Role of Private Sector in China
    Professor of Finance; Associate Dean for Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Director of Centre on Finance and Economic Growth; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Asset Pricing, Automation, Banking, China’s Industrial Economy, Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship, Financial Regulation, Manufacturing, Stock Markets
    Associate Professor of Strategic Management; Associate Dean of CKGSB Europe PhD, City of New York Previously taught: George Washington University
    Chinese Firms' Global Strategies, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, M&A, Strategic Alliances, Strategic Management
    Professor of Economics; D. Phil. (Mathematics) Oxford, England
    Corporate Governance, Financial Economics, International & Development Economics, International Finance
  • Li YANG
    Associate Professor of Marketing PhD, Columbia Business School
    Big Data, Consumer Choice Models, Market Structure, Pricing, Retailing, Social Networks
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