CKGSB MBA Student on G20 Special with Chinese Media Mogul Yang Lan

CKGSB MBA 2015 student Sahil Chugani has been featured as a G20 panelist representing the European Union in a series of TV special programming with Chinese media mogul Yang Lan. The feature, named “One-on-One with Yang Lan: AI Series for G20 Summit”, was a special program produced to coincide with this month’s G20 Summit in Hangzhou.

The show featured a panel of 20 young professionals from the twenty countries and confederations that participated in the G20 summit. Sahil represented the youths of the European Union and addressed questions to the guests of the show. During the episode with guests Mao Daqing, an entrepreneur who has created China’s largest co-working space URWork, and Hu Yu, who founded IFlyTek, an AI-enabled custom education solution provider, Sahil asked, “As someone who came to China to innovate, start and grow new businesses, I would like to understand what policies or incentives are available to encourage foreign entrepreneurs to innovate and build in China?”. 

Yang Lan is a renowned TV personality and entrepreneur in China, frequently referred to as the “Oprah of China”. Her company, Sunshine Media Group, co-produced the program with network TV station Zhejiang STV. The show was aired on ZJSTV as well as by online video content publisher iQIYI. Sahil was also featured on another episode quizzing Chinese billionaire and founder of dairy, agribusiness and real estate conglomerate “New Hope Group” Liu Yonghao about the recent spur of Chinese cross-border M&A in particular into to Europe in the form of football teams, and whether this trend is healthy in the long run. 

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