CKGSB Launches Alumni WeChat Mini-App to Foster Thriving Community Culture

CKGSB’s alumni affairs department has launched a WeChat mini-app to support the communication across the entire CKGSB community, for MBA alums as well as other degree programs such as EMBA and FMBA alums. The Chinese language mini-app, called “Jiangzhiyuan” (江之源), which literally translates into “the source of the river”, can be accessed through Wechat by the 10,000+ members of CKGSB’s alumni community and current students. The mini-app is developed to provide a bridge between various programs within the CKGSB ecosystem as well as to encourage, simplify, and ensure the quality and organization of CKGSB’s alumni events. 

In the past, alumni and students of various degree and non-degree programs sometimes found themselves siloed and lacking a conveniently mobile way to reach out to alums in other classes or programs or to know about the launch of official alumni clubs or events. Now, alumni & students can use the mini-app to check out official alumni events and associations approved by the school, find alums, and interact with each other over the convenience of a WeChat-enabled smart phone. Once the user’s identity is verified as a CKGSB community member, the mini-app allows the user to stay engaged with CKGSB community, register for latest events and clubs, as well as get to know CKGSB’s unrivalled alumni network with increased ease. Current MBA student and alumni users find the mini-app a useful tool in growing more connected with the entire CKGSB community. Log in now to find out about the upcoming events in 2018 and the latest events in your area!

For questions please email and/or  If you like the mini-app, please do share with your CKGSB network and your thoughts with us.

Jiangzhiyuan – or “the source of the river” – is a new WeChat mini-app designed to encourage CKGSB community engagement

A sample of upcoming events in 2018

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