CKGSB Knowledge Series: AlphaGo, AI and Finance
2018-04-24  - New York

A CKGSB Knowledge Series Event in Partnership
with Confucius Institute for Business at the State University of New York


AlphaGo, AI and Finance
featuring Dr. Cao Huining (Henry)
Professor of Finance, Faculty Director of the Finance MBA Program and Director of Business Research Institute at CKGSB

When: 6:00PM – 8:00PM Thursday, March 23, 2017

Where: CKGSB New York Office

601 Lexington Avenue, Floor 26
New York, NY 10022

Join us as Dr. Cao Huining (Henry) explores the impact of artificial intelligence on financial markets.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing driverless car technology, speech recognition, image processing, automatic translation, big data analysis and many other sectors in marketing and finance.

One striking example is Google’s AlphaGo, a recent algorithm based on AI that has defeated the best human players in Go and Texas Poker, previously thought the last strongholds of human intelligence. Much of the progress comes from the connectionism approach, which models behavior as the emergent processes of interconnected networks of simple units. A major representation of the connectionist approach uses artificial neural networks to simulate human perception, cognition and decision making.

The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is changing the financial markets. It is not surprising as financial transactions are inherently data intensive. Market-making high frequency trading firms facilitate market liquidity for buyers and sellers. Every trading day, numerous trading teams compete to provide the most efficient results using AI-centric techniques, including advanced pattern recognition.

Artificial intelligence will have profound effects not only in business and finance but also in arts, science, labor and distribution of wealth in society.

Individual event is at a $30 fee; free for 2017 Knowledge Series Members. Event is free to credentialed media.

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Dr. Cao Huining (Henry)
Professor of Finance, Faculty Director of the Finance MBA Program and Director of Business Research Institute at CKGSB

Dr Cao Huining (Henry) is a Professor of Finance, Chair of the Finance Department and the Faculty Director of the Finance MBA at CKGSB. He earned a PhD in Finance in 1995 from UCLA and a PhD in Pathology in 1991 from Yale University.

His research areas include: Asset Pricing, Microstructure, Options Pricing and International Finance.

Before joining CKGSB, he taught at UC Berkeley, UCSD, Ohio State University, Carnegie Mellon and UNC Chapel Hill.

Cao’s research has been published in journals including Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Business, Review of Finance and Marketing Science. Cao is the co-editor of International Financial Reviewand sits on the editorial board of Annals of Economics and Finance and China Financial Review.

He has also received numerous awards for teaching and research excellence, including the Smith-Breeden Award in 1998 (nomination); and Journal of Finance Best Paper Award in 2000 (nomination).


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