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Professor of Human Resource Management and Economics

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

PhD, Harvard University
Areas of Expertise:
Chinese Economy, Economics and Human Resource Management, Money and Public Finance, Organization Theory,  Workers’ Welfare
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    Professor of Human Resource Management and Economics
    Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    PhD, Harvard University

    Areas of Expertise: Chinese Economy, Economics and Human Resource Management, Money and Public Finance, Organization Theory, Workers’ Welfare


    Wang Yijiang is Professor of Economics and Human Resource Management at CKGSB, and is also Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, working out of Shenzhen.

    Before joining CKGSB, Professor Wang taught at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

    He is also a research fellow at the William Davidson Institute of Transition Economics at the University of Michigan and a senior fellow at the National Center of Economic Research, Tsinghua University. He serves as vice president of Chinese Economists Society of North America.

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    • DBA
    • EE
    • EMBA
    • International MBA 10th Anniversary Teaching Award, University of Hong Kong, 2008.
    • “The Nature of the Township and Village Enterprise,” (with Chang, Journal of Comparative Economics, 1994), was selected as “the most influential piece ever written on the Chinese economy since reform” to be included in a volume in the Cambridge Series on Trade and Development.
    • “Human Capital Investment under Asymmetric Information: The Pigovian Conjecture Revisited” (with Chang, Journal of Labor Economics, 1996), is extensively reviewed by R. Gibbons (MIT) and M. Waldman (Cornell University) in the Handbook of Labor Economics.
    • Received McKnight research grants for most of the 1990s.
    • Received a series of graduate school research grants from the University of Minnesota.
  • Selected Publications

    1. “Union Effects on Performance and Workers’ Welfare in China”, with Lu, Yi & Tao, Zhigang, China Economic Review, forthcoming.
    2. “Ownership, Performance and Executive Turnover in China”, with Wei, Chi, Asian Economic Review, vol. 20, pp.465-478, 2009.
    3. “Small and Medium-sized Firms Determine a Country’s Future”, Economic Observer, October 20, 2007. (was selected by journalists organized by Southern Weekend as one of the Ten Best Commentaries of 2007 in China)
    4. “Political Conditions for Reform: China vs. Eastern Europe Revisited”, Journal of the European Economic Association, vol. 4 (2-3), pp. 342-351, April and May, 2006.
    5. “Labor Policy and Investment: Evidence from Canada”,Industrial and Labor Relations Review, vol. 57 (3), pp.386-401, April 2004.
    6. “Implications of Managerial Incentives and ownership for Performance: Evidence from China’s Rural Enterprises”, Journal of Comparative Economics, vol. 31 (3), pp.414-428, September 2003.
    7. “Uncertainty in Labor Productivity and Specific Human Capital”, with Bai, Chongen, Journal of Labor Economics, vol. 21 (3), pp.651-675, July 2003.
    8. “Monitoring the Monitor: Does Ownership Matter?”, Annals of Economics and Finance, vol. 4 (1), pp. 137-49, May 2003.
    9. “Financial Repression and Optimal Taxation”, with Bai, Chongen, Li, David & Qian, Yingyi, Economics Letters, vol. 70, pp. 245-251, 2001.
    10. “A Multitask Theory of the State Enterprise Reform”, with Bai, Chongen, Li, David & Tao, Zhigang, Journal of Comparative Economics, vol. 28, pp. 716-738, 2000.
    11. “Choosing between Spot and Up-or-Out Contracts”, with Chang, Chun, Annals of Economics and Finance, vol. 1, pp. 189-210, May 2000.
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