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Associate Professor of Operations Management
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Areas of Expertise:
Analytics for Managers, Business Process Management, Production/Inventory Systems, Queuing Analysis and Control, Statistics, Stochastic Modeling and Analysis, Supply Chain Management
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    Associate Professor of Operations Management
    PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Areas of Expertise: Analytics for Managers, Business Process Management, Production/Inventory Systems, Queuing Analysis and Control, Statistics, Stochastic Modeling and Analysis, Supply Chain Management 


    Professor Ou Jihong is an associate professor of operations management at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. Previously, he served as an associate professor at National University of Singapore Business School. He has also taught at the University of Cambridge, University of California at Los Angeles and the University of Illinois.

    Dr Ou’s research has been published in numerous academic journals including Management Science and Operation Research. He is an expert in applied research and conducting surveys in China’s third party logistics industry.

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    • Operations Management
    • Analytics for Managers
  • Industry 4.0: Revolutionary Significance of Chinese Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrade (article), 2017

  • Selected Publications

    1. “Analysis of Push and Pull Contracts in an ATO Supply Chain”, with L. Chen and D. Ding, in preparation.
    2. “Distribution Channel Structure for Chain-to-Chain Competition with Price and Lead-time Sensitive Demand”, with L. Chen and Z. Wu, submitted to Management Science.
    3. “Analysis of Ticket Queues with Reneging Customers”, with D. Ding and J. Ang, submitted to Production and Operations Management.
    4. “Coordinating Batch Production and Pricing Control of a Make-to-Stock Product”, with L. Chen and Y. Feng, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 54, 1674-1680, 2009.
    5. “Optimal Control of Price and Production in an Assemble-to-Order System”, with Y. Feng and P. Zhan, Operations Research Letters, 36, 506-512, 2008.
    6. “Coordination of Stocking Decisions in an Assemble to Order Environment”, with S. Gilbert and X. Zhang, 189, 540-558, 2008.
    7. “Service Performance Analysis and Improvement for a Ticket Queue with Balking Customers”, with L. Gao and S. Xu, Management Science, 53, 971-990, 2007.  
    8. “A Differential Service Scheme to Optimize Website Revenues”, with M. Parlar and S. Moosa, Journal of the Operational Research Society, 57, 1323-1340, 2006.
    9. “Joint Management of Finished Goods Inventory and Demand Process for a Make to-Stock Product: A Computational Approach”, with L. Chen and Y. Feng, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 51, 58-273, 2006.  
    10. “Optimal Positioning of Idle Elevators Under Myopic and State-dependent Policies”, with M. Parlar and S. Moosa, European Journal of Operational Research, 170, 863-886, 2006.  
    11. “Management of Inventory Replenishment and Available Offerings for Goods Sold with Optional Value-Added Packages”, with F. Chen and Y. Feng,IIE Transactions, 37, 397-406, 2005.
    12. “Stability of Data Networks: Stationary and Bursty Model”, with H. Ye and X. Yuan, Operations Research, 53, 107-125, 2005.  
    13. “The Benefits of Advanced Booking Discount Programs: Model and Analysis”, with C. S. Tang, K. Rajaram, and A. Alptekinoglu, Management Science50, 465-478, 2004.  
    14. “Benefits of Providing Amenities to Impatient Waiting Customers”, with B.M. Rao, Computers and Operations Research, 30, 2211-2225, 2003.
    15. “Inventory Cost Effect of Consolidating Several One-Warehouse Multi-Retailer Systems”, with W.S. Lim and C. P. Teo, Operations Research, 51, 668-672, 2003.  
    16. “An Optimization Based Approach to the Train Operator Scheduling Problem at Singapore MRT”, with J. Pang, K.L. Chew, Q. Liu, and C.P. Teo, Annals of Operations Research, 108, 111-122, 2001.
    17. “A Warehouse Sizing Model Balancing Inventory and Warehousing Costs”, with M. Goh and C. Teo, Naval Logistics Research Quarterly, 48, 299-312, 2001.
    18. “ST Logistics: Distribution Consumer Goods in China”, with F. Chen, M. Goh, J. Lee, S. Moosa, C.P. Teo, and P.G. Goh,International Transactions in Operations Research, 8, 203-220, 2001.
    19. “Impact on Inventory Cost with Consolidation of Distribution Centers”, with M. Goh and C. Teo, IIE Transactions, 33, 99-110, 2001.
    20. “The Delay of Open Markovian Queuing Networks: Uniform Functional Bounds, Heavy Traffic Pole Multiplicities, and Stability”, with C. Humes and P.R. Kumar, Mathematics of Operations Research, 50, 921-954, 1997.  
    21. “The Throughput of Irreducible Closed Markovian Queuing Networks: Functional Bounds, Asymptotic Loss, Efficiency, and the Harrison-Wein Conjectures”, with H. Jin and P.R.Kumar, Mathematics of Operations Research, 22, 886-920, 1997.  
    22. “Yield Comparisons of Push and Pull Control Methods on Production Systems with Unreliable Machines”, with J. Jiang, International Journal on Production Economics, 50, 1-12, 1997.
    23. “Approximating a Cumulative Distribution Function by Generalized Hyperexponential Distributions”, with J. Li and S. Ozekici, Probability in Engineering and Information Sciences, 11, 11-18, 1997.
    24. “Sequential Screening In Semiconductor Manufacturing, II: Exploiting Lot-to-Lot Variability”,with L. M. Wein, Operations Research, 44, 196-204, 1996.  
    25. “Characterizing the Idle-Period Distribution of GI/G/1 Queues”, with J. Li, Journal of Applied Probability,32, 247-255, 1995.
    26. “Dynamic Scheduling of a Production/Inventory System With By-Products and Random Yields”, with L. M. Wein, Management Science, 41, 1000-1017, 1995.  
    27. “Performance Bounds for Scheduling Queuing Networks”, with L.M. Wein, Annals of Applied Probability, 2, 460-480, 1992.
    28. “On the Improvement from Scheduling a Two-Station Queuing Network in Heavy Traffic”, with L.M. Wein, Operations Research Letters,11, 225-232, 1992.
    29. “The Impact of Processing Time Knowledge on Dynamic Job-Shop Scheduling”, with L. M. Wein, Management Science, 37, 1002-1014, 1991.

    Working Paper

    1. “Analysis of Push and Pull Contracts in an ATO Supply Chain,” with L. Chen and D. Ding.
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