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China is becoming increasingly important in the global landscape. Facing the changing needs of Chinese clients, decision-makers of MNCs should work to ensure their talent base is well informed and able to complement technical knowledge with a deep contextual understanding of China.


The Boardroom Briefing Program focuses on helping directors of multinational companies to gain a deeper understanding of China’s complex and dynamic markets so as to become better at engaging with clients here and catering to their needs.




Putting the development of Chinese business into a global perspective, this program will help you understand the implications of China’s explosive growth in the context of globalization, show you how to interpret Beijing’s intricate policies and stay one step ahead in this changing market. You will leave this program knowing how to better formulate your company strategy for success in the Chinese market. This program also helps you:


  • See the world through the China lens
  • Learn the historical and cultural bases of Chinese business concepts
  • Understand key characteristics of China’s economic development
  • Understand the global implications of China’s economic rise


Boards of multinational companies who want to understand the global implications of China’s rise and who want to enter or develop their position in the Chinese marketplace.



The program is an intensive 1-3 day custom program covering Cultural Foundations of Chinese Business; China’s Growth Model and the Globalization of Chinese Companies; Strategies for Entering the Chinese Market, etc.




"We could go and talk to the leading European business schools, we could go and talk to the leading US business schools; but if you want to get a view on globalization through a China lens then it is much more valuable for our senior management to come to Beijing to listen to the views of experts at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business because that gives us the perspective we need to make very important decisions around our business."


Malcolm Sweeting
Senior Partner, Clifford Chance



"One of CKGSB’s great strengths is that, being independent, it is able to project an objective view of what is happening in China. This makes for well-rounded Executive Education and a well-rounded experience."


Sir Tom Hunter
Founder, West Coast Capital



"The program is very informative and educational, it is very helpful for us to think and plan ahead. CKGSB’s data collection and research methodology are well-recognized. Also the pool of participants gives a very good representation of the business community here. I would recommend this course to people who are new to China, people who don’t have a clear picture of what’s going on in China, people who are focused on operations of business. Those people from executive level will really benefit from this course."


She Duanzhi
Vice President, Government & Public Affairs, Nike Greater China




The program’s duration, location and language can be customized to the client’s needs. Further details are available on request.



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