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Boardroom Briefing

As the countries of Asia, and in particular China, become increasingly important in the global landscape, decision-makers of multinational companies are working to ensure their talent base is well informed and able to complement technical knowledge with a deep contextual understanding of China to ensure they are better positioned to inform and advise clients and meet their changing needs.


The Boardroom Briefing program aims to help board of directors of multinational companies to gain a deep contextual understanding of the complex dynamic markets in China and for them to be authoritative when engaging with clients navigating the Chinese domestic market or engaging with ‘Asia outbound’.



The program puts the developments in Chinese business into a global perspective. You will leave the program understanding the implications of China’s explosive growth and globalization and knowing how to navigate the intricacies of the country’s policies and economy to formulate your company strategy for success in the Chinese market.


  • To enable you to ‘see the world through the China lens
  • To learn the historical and cultural bases of Chinese business concepts
  • To understand key characteristics of Chinese economic development
  • To understand the implications of China’s economic rise for global markets


Boards of multinational companies who want to understand the global implications of China’s rise and who want to enter or develop their position in the Chinese marketplace.



The program is an intensive 1-3 day custom program covering Cultural Foundations of Chinese Business; China’s Growth Model and the Globalization of Chinese Companies; Strategies for entering the Chinese market, etc.


ANTICIPATED FACULTY (In alphabetical order by surname)

  • SUN Baohong
    Professor of Marketing
  • TENG Bingsheng
    Associate Professor of Strategy
  • TU Weiming
    Honorary Professor, Chairman of the Committee on the Humanities
  • XIANG Bing
    CKGSB Founding Dean, Professor of Accounting


"We could go and talk to the leading European business schools, we could go and talk to the leading US business schools; but if you want to get a view on globalization through a China lens then it is much more valuable for our senior management to come to Beijing to listen to the views of experts at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business because that gives us the perspective we need to make very important decisions around our business."


Malcolm Sweeting
Senior Partner, London, Clifford Chance



"The session today at CKGSB is terribly important. We have our Global Management Committee here. There are individuals who manage six different global groups, whether it be corporate, or capital markets or litigation. There are also members who manage regions—the Americas, Southeast Asia, Europe, Central Europe, the Middle East, Africa. Many of them are highly sophisticated businesspeople and lawyers, but they don’t spend a lot of time understanding China. China is such an important par t of our strategy. For them to come here and experience really great experts gives an opportunity for them to feel they profoundly understand the changes here, and that they’re not just relying on yesterday’s newspaper headlines."


Stephen Harder
Managing Partner, China Clifford Chance




The program’s length, location and language can be customized to the client’s needs. Further details are available on request.


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