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Partnerships with close to 40 leading universities globally including Princeton, Yale and MIT


40 full-time professors, who hail from China, and were tenured at top schools such as Wharton and Yale prior to joining CKGSB


CKGSB's 10,000+ alumni leads one fifth of China’s most valuable brands


As China becomes increasingly important globally, business executives of multinational companies must understand China’s dynamic background and ever-changing business landscape in order to better position themselves in China and throughout the world. CKGSB Americas provides individuals and corporate clients unique programs that provide a first-hand look into China’s latest business and economic trends.

MARY WADSWORTH DARBY Chief Representative of CKGSB Americas
Date: September 27, 2018
Location: New York

Join global thought leaders and practitioners to gain critical insights to best position your business at this time for the future.
Date: October 21-26, 2018
Location: New York City and New Haven, CT
Partner: Yale School of Management, WPP

Deepen your understanding of shifting marketing trends in an increasingly digitalized and globalized world, while obtaining a certificate from both CKGSB and Yale School of Management.
Date: November 9-11, 2018
Location: New York City
Partner: UC Berkeley

Gain valuable insights into Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, AI and more from leading academics, funding CEOs, legal experts and advisors who are industry pioneers from the US and China.
Date: Summer, 2018
Location: New York City and Ithaca, NY
Partner: Cornell University

GEL offers a unique leadership development opportunity for entrepreneurs and young leaders of family businesses in America and China to grow through hands-on projects and networking with global peers.
It is a daunting challenge for a business school to bring so many truly A-list business leaders together, but CKGSB has managed to hit another home run.
Jack Ma, Founder and Executive Chairman, Alibaba
CKGSB Alumnus
I found that the well taught lessons learned during this program have been very beneficial in establishing our company brand in America. In fact, the plan to enhance awareness of our brand in America that was created in one of our workshops during this program in 2016 is the plan that we then implemented with great success in 2017. The professors are superb. I have continued to trade ideas on branding strategy with the classmates I met during this program and those relationships have become an important asset in my business. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve the branding strategy of his or her company.
Charles W. Sullivan
GBDE Program Participant
U.S.A. Representative of Beijing Tong Ren Tang
I just made 20 new global friends. As we all grow and start different companies and head off in different industries, we will be able to rely on each other and have the great memories we are making right now. The most helpful aspect of the program were the connections I made, but the knowledge is amazing also. I thought I knew how I would one day do business with China but that has completely changed.
Stephanie Ball
GEL Program Participant
Recruiting Operations Coordinator at Bridgewater Associates
One of the things that makes this program so unique and that excites me the most is that it is geared to such a diverse audience; people from different kinds of family businesses being taught by expert faculty who will tailor the learning to the needs of the participants.
Elizabeth A. Mannix
GEL Program Participant
Associate Dean

Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University
All my classmates are very experienced and successful. There is a strong desire of learning knowledge and self-improvement. We interact with each other. This is a positive learning environment.
Liu Qing
President, Didi Chuxing
One of CKGSB’s great strengths is that, being independent, it is able to project an objective view of what is happening in China. This makes for well-rounded Executive Education and a well-rounded experience.
Sir Tom Hunter
Founder, West Coast Capital
CKGSB Alumnus
I was very impressed with how CKGSB selects its pool of students and alumni. They are looking at the CEOs, the top of the companies, whereas in the US, a lot of our B-schools actually look at middle managers, which sometimes could be a little bit challenging to affect change in an organization at that level. But when you recruit the top management, you are able to make things to affect change in a more positive and a faster way.
—Adreain Henry
Professor of University of Incarnate Word at University of Incarnate Word
and Chief of the Bowden Eyecare & Health Institute
(Participant of CKGSB China Immersion Program)
Going in thinking family business is one thing and coming out with much wider eyes, goes to show that you can discover a lot in six days. Through every case discussion, interactive exercise, and lecture, there was another perspective of family business or China-America relations unveiled. Besides the friendships, professional networks, and educational content, it's the realization of self-growth that holds the highest value. As I've said to many people already, I truly experienced being in a classroom because I wanted to versus being there because I had to.
Courtney Huynh
Cornell Hotel ’12, and member of the 2017 Global Emerging Leaders cohort
Through the coming years’ studying, I hope to fully understand the CKGSB Business Scholars Program (DBA) as well as to better understand myself and better understand society. I’m looking forward to learning and making progress together with my classmates.
Chen Yidan
Co-Founder & Lifetime Honorary Adviser, Tencent
Even for someone like me – I’m originally from Japan, working in the US for an American company that does business around the world – it is quite difficult to fully understand all of the business and cultural nuances of China. The country’s economy and business landscape is moving faster than any other market. This program really provided me with insightful on-the-ground Eastern and Western perspectives on management and business environments.
Miyoko Demay
VP, Global Sales Operations, Tiffany & Co.
CKGSB has elevated business education to a new level, imparting wisdom on how to mobilize and leverage global resources associated with the market and political environments.
Fu Chengyu
Former Chairman, SINOPEC
I was very impressed with CKGSB’s professors and with how much they believed in the school, how much they believed in the country, what they can do and how willing they were to provide us as much information and access as they could during this week, so all the good intentions, willingness and actual results of the week have been amazingly organized from an educational point of view and a logistical point of view, so I felt like they have been living up to what they were trying to deliver us, so that was really great.
Hila Saring Shavit
Columbia Business School MBA Student
Participant of CKGSB China Immersion Program
The CKGSB Edge

Pragmatic learning for innovative business leaders.

  • Put China into perspective

    Between them, our faculty of 40 full-time teaching staff have published more than 400+ China-specific case studies and reports. Their backgrounds in tenured positions at top globally-recognised institutions combine with their breadth of China business experience to bring you second-to-none China insights.

  • Learn in the world's best start-up environment

    Get hands-on with some of China’s top private sector entrepreneurs, and our alumni network of noted Chinese business leaders. Our courses take you through the workings of some of China’s pioneering giants of industry, then put your learnings into practice with the support of our in-house start-up incubator.

  • Get inspired to make a difference

    Sustainable businesses contribute to sustainable societies, so CKGSB was the first business school in China to integrate the humanities into all of our learning experiences. Our unique courses not only teach you to grow your business holistically, but to be a holistic business and community leader.

    Key Facts & Figures
    • Global academic awards by faculty
    • Alumni and students at Chairman or CEO level
    • China-specific cases and reports
    • Alumni lead 1/5 of China's most valuable brands
    • How Digital and Innovation Thought Leadership are Fundamentally Shaping Business Models, Brand Strategy and Building Equity in Our Corporate Brand
      With the rapid global evolution of digital media, brands have more ways than ever to differentiate themselves. Global Branding in the Digital Era, a program presented jointly by CKGSB and Yale School of Management, the leading business schools of China and the US, and WPP, the global leader in marketing services, guides CMOs and other C-suite executives from China, the US and elsewhere to build and lead customer-focused organizations for today’s digital era.
    • [8th Asian Leadership Conference] Focus on China – Made in China 2025: From Follower to First Mover
      The 8th Asian Leadership Conference will be held on 3~4 July in Seoul to bring together global leaders to analyze and find solutions for issues in political and economic forces around the world. Li Haitao, Assistant Dean of CKGSB MBA is invited for the panel session ‘Made in China 2025: From Follower to First Mover’ under the track ‘Focus on China’ to share his insight and opinions. He and economic expert gurus will discuss how China is transforming to be the leading country based on strengthen new technology and entrepreneurship facing the 4th industrial revolution.
    • “New China, New Global Standard”
      “The recent Chinese President Xi Jinping and Chinese business tycoons’ visit to Seoul have further bolstered Sino-Korea political and economic ties. Closer ties between the two countries created more opportunities and at the same time fostered greater challenges for Korean companies to grow in China market,” says Cho Dong-Sung, Professor of Strategy and Director of China-Korea CEO Program, CKGSB. Cho suggested that Korean companies should quickly adapt to a new global standard in order to grow along with China which is inevitably the most important market for Korean businesses.
    CKGSB Knowledge

    Our multimedia platform offers China business insights 
    through a quarterly magazine and website.

    September 19, 2018
    Spreading Their Wings: How Millennials Turn the World of Travel Upside-down
    Chinese millennials promise to reshape the global tourism industry. Unlike their parents’ generation, who preferred to travel abroad on Chinese-organized tour groups, today’s young Chinese are independent, individualistic and willing to try more adventurous...read full article
    September 17, 2018
    Will China’s EV Startup Nio Be the ‘Tesla Killer’?
    Chinese auto startup Nio just had its $1 billion US initial public offering. While the share price fluctuates, investors ask the same question: will the Shanghai-based upstart supplant Tesla as the world’s top luxury electric car brand? Like Tesla,...read full article
    September 12, 2018
    China Touchdown: An Interview with NFL’s Richard Young
    Americans are fond of saying that football is their true religion, but until recently it was little more than a source of mystery to the rest of the world. When the NFL held its first overseas game, in London in 1983, the organizers found that there were...read full article
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