CKGSB Dean Xiang Bing, Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono and Other Senior Japanese Officials Discuss Confucian Economic Sphere and Cultivating a New Generation of Disruptive Business Leaders

As a key partner to the Forum, CKGSB delivered a strong voice from China through eight speakers, including CKGSB Founding Dean and alumni who run top companies in China

China’s Leading Business School Hosts Event in London to Explore Opportunities in China and Launches MBA Scholarships for the UK and EU Market

The Malaysian delegation of 29 senior leaders took part in the ‘Growing Business to China—Understanding the Land of the Rising Dragon’ program at CKGSB.

One of China’s top philosophers and leading advocate of the Confucian tradition around the world, Professor Tu Weiming, received the highly acclaimed International East Asian Studies Lifetime Achievement Award in Beijing on November 18th.

CKGSB celebrates its MBA Program's 15th anniversary and alumni’s achievements in book Launch

The 5th China Start program included 26 entrepreneurs from 11 countries met with Xi'an businesses and government representatives.

Businesses and non-profits seem to be two very different entities in our ecosystem. But if managed well, they can share some important commonalities in their DNAs. CKGSB Professor Zhu Rui (Juliet) is an expert as such in leveraging the advantages of businesses and non-profits to amplify each of their strengths.

CKGSB held a forum in New York City on Thursday, September 27, where it brought together business leaders, analysts and academics to discuss current U.S.-China trade frictions and opportunities for the world’s two largest economies to innovate and collaborate across borders.

The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of New Champions, also known as ‘Summer Davos’, which took place in Tianjin, China, on September 18-20. As more than 2,000 leaders from 90 countries met to shape the impact and use of science & technology on geopolitical, economic & social agendas, CKGSB’s presence at Summer Davos was clear, with Associate Dean and Professor of Marketing ZHU Rui (Juliet) and several prominent alumni speaking on how societies can be more innovative in light of recent disruptive technologies.

On September 7th, CKGSB and the Embassy of Switzerland in China co-hosted an economic and science delegation from Switzerland for a brief breakfast seminar at CKGSB’s Beijing Campus. At the seminar, CKGSB Founding Dean Xiang Bing shed light on China’s transformation and development model over the years, as well as its economic prospects, particularly in light of the recent China-US trade tensions.

Despite concerns of the sell-off in emerging markets stocks, China’s slowing growth and the US-China trade war, Silicon Valley’s most notable investors stayed bullish on investment opportunities. On August 31, Cheung Kong Graduates School of Business’s Chuang Community hosted Helen Liang, Managing Partner of FoundersX Capital, Ram Parameswaran, Partner of Altimeter Capital, and Luis Guilherme Ronchel Soares, Founding Partner of Nucleo Capital spoke of the future on investment trends at a talk titled, “China, US, India, Brazil: Global Outlook for Investment Trends and Opportunities” in Beijing.

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