CKGSB Global MBA Holds China Module Online Amid COVID-19

The CKGSB Global MBA program has successfully wrapped up its online China Module, a flagship module that has hosted hundreds of students over the last decade from CKGSB’s global partner schools including the University of Michigan’s Ross and Spain’s ESIC Business & Marketing School. The specially-designed week-long course held over July 27-31 this year, saw nearly 50 ESIC students and dozens of prospective students alongside CKGSB’s MBA students in its first ever virtual China Module.

CKGSB Global MBA Assistant Dean Zhou Li said when opening the program that “it is a critical time to hold this module, with the world currently changing a very fast pace.” Given the context in which COVID-19 has exerted a profound impact on the global political and business landscape, this year’s online China Module saw CKGSB professors shed expertise light on China’s business in the current global environment. The China Module enables participants from across the world to gain a holistic understanding of China’s economy, new retail, internet economy, financial markets and entrepreneurship.

The China Module this year featured lectures on “China’s Transformation and its Global Implications” delivered by CKGSB Founding Dean Xiang Bing; “The Future of Retail: Experiences and Lessons from China” delivered by Associate Professor of Marketing Jing Bing; “China’s Internet Economy and Business Transformation” delivered by Associate Professor of Marketing Li Yang; “China’s Economy and Financial Markets: Risks and Opportunities” delivered by the Dean’s Distinguished Chair Professor of Finance Ou-Yang Hui; and “Entrepreneurship and Innovation in China” delivered by Professor of Finance Gan Jie.

In terms of where China business will be heading in the post-COVID-19 era, CKGSB Founding Dean Xiang Bing pointed out the huge pressures on the Chinese economy, stating that “in light of the deteriorating China-US relations, some sectors in China will continue to do well, (while) some Chinese companies will have more difficulties and challenges in years or even decades to come.” 

ESIC’s Master of Marketing Management student Lea Daporta shared her experience on the online module this year saying, “I really enjoyed the teaching style. Although we had to do it over a video call instead of being present in person, the professors did a really good job and made the class enjoyable!”

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