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The end of China ODI?

by Jens Kastner | Nov. 1 2019

China’s massive ODI spending spree has stalled after policy shifts and strong capital controls.

Stretched to the Breaking Point: WTO is Becoming Dysfunctional

by Jens Kastner | May. 20 2019

Growing disputes between China and the Western economies are making the WTO increasingly dysfunctional.

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China Round-up: China’s Exports Rise as do M&As, and Alibaba Invests in Haier

The week that was: China’s exports do better than expected, local officials get new evaluation criteria, and e-commerce.

by Major Tian | Dec. 13 2013

David Cameron’s Visit: Boosting UK-China Trade Ties

  Sir Victor Blank, former British Business Ambassador and Chairman of CKGSB’s European Advisory Board, talks about the.

by Major Tian and Neelima Mahajan | Dec. 11 2013

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