• General Services
    Borrowers Limits Period Extension Fines
    Professors up to 20 volumes up to 10 weeks up to 4 weeks RMB1.00/day
    EMBA students up to 20 volumes up to 10 weeks RMB1.00/day
    MBA / FMBA students up to 20 volumes up to 4 weeks up to 4 weeks RMB1.00/day
    Alumni up to 20 volumes up to 10 weeks RMB1.00/day
    Staff up to 20 volumes up to 4 weeks up to 4 weeks RMB1.00/day
    Research Staff up to 20 volumes up to 4 weeks up to 4 weeks RMB1.00/day

    Reference materials, including all periodicals or newspapers, are limited to use within the library.

    For the purpose of copyright management, all VCD/DVD/CD recordings of CKGSB EMBA, MBA and EDP courses are limited to use within the library.


    Short-term borrowing

    Certain books and academic journals may be borrowed for course-related work.



    Short-Term Borrowing is limited to 3 days (subject to adjustment by Librarian on a case-by-case basis)

    Extension is not allowed


    Fines and Compensation

    Fines will be levied if materials are not returned by the due date.

    Lost or damaged books will entail compensation. Charges include the full price of each lost item plus a RMB10.00 handling fee per item.



    All the materials on loan are subject to recall when necessary, after which new due dates will be set accordingly. The borrower concerned must return the recalled item as soon as possible.

    Document Delivery, Photocopying and Printing

    Other services such as document delivery, photocopying and printing services will be charged on a case-by-case basis to reflect different sources and delivery methods.


    Electronic Resources in the Library

    Use of provided electronic databases must always comply with the database copyright holder terms and conditions. Unauthorized use such as redistribution or selling of data is strictly prohibited.

  • Alumni Services

    Alumni/Graduates may continue to use the library during opening hours. Alumni/Graduates may apply for Alumni Library Card to borrow books and access online resources remotely.


    How to Apply for a CK​GSB Alumni Library Card

    All CKGSB graduages are eligible to apply for the Alumni Library Card. Applicants should fill in CKGSB Alumni Library Card Application Form and submit the following materials to the library, or email electronic versions of the materials to:

    2 photographs (1″ x 1.5″)
    1 copy of your CKGSB Diploma
    Receipt of a RMB1,500 bank transfer

    Delivery address:

    The Library
    Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
    E3 Tower, Oriental Plaza
    1 East Chang An Avenue
    Beijing, 100738

    The password information for remote accessing online resources will be sent to you through email within 1 days after payment is received.


    Alumni Library Card​ Payment

    There is no need to pay annual fee but a deposit of RMB1,500, which can be paid by bank transfer to CKGSB.


    CKGSB ban​k account information:

    CHINA MERCHANTS BANK, Beijing Branch, Oriental Plaza Sub-Branch
    Beneficiary: Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
    Account #: 2580586210001


    How to Cancel Your Alu​mni Library Card

    The Alumni Library Card can be withdrawn at any time. To apply for withdrawal:

    Return all materials borrowed from the CKGSB Library

    Fill in the Withdrawal Application Form

    The deposit of RMB1,500 will be returned to your bank account when the withdrawal application is accepted.The Alumni Library Card holder must comply with the library’s general rules.

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