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CHINA Focused with a global perspective

Located across China with global offices in New York, London and Hong Kong, we are at the heart of business.

  • As the world’s second largest economy, those who pursue business studies in China are well-placed. Understanding this important market could launch your career or accelerate you further. Whether it’s working for local corporations or multinational giants, exciting prospect for adventurous business people awaits. 

  • Even for those who do not plan to work in China itself, hands-on knowledge of the Chinese economy and business practices will be a plus point in any resume, particularly with many foreign corporations aiming to woo the Chinese market. Understanding China means executives get a better understanding of the world. Only by understanding the business environment in China, can you see the bigger picture.

  • Our headquarters in Beijing is strategically located in the country’s policy-making center, while our campuses in Shenzhen and Shanghai give you access to China’s financial center and innovation hub. To better serve business people with global ambition across the world, we also offer programs and activities in our London, New York and Hong Kong offices, in partnership with leading local institutions. 

    • Greater China

      Oriental Plaza, Tower E3, 3F
      One East Chang An Avenue
      Beijing 100738
      People’s Republic of China
      Tel: +86-10-8518 8858
      Fax: +86-10-8518 6800


      2419 Hong Qiao Road
      Shanghai 200335
      People’s Republic of China
      Tel: +86-21-6269 6677
      Fax: +86-21-6269 6255


      East Pacific International Center, Tower A, 31/F
      7888 Shennan Road,
      Futian District
      Shenzhen 518040, China
      Tel: +86-755-82835188
      Fax: +86-755-23946732


      Citibank Tower, 32/F, Suite 3203
      3 Garden Road, Central
      Hong Kong
      Tel: +852-3698-0981
      Fax: +852-3698-0985

    • Europe

      DIFC Global
      11-12 St. James’s Square
      London SW1Y-4LB, U.K.
      Tel: +44-20-7104-2380

    • Americas

      NEW YORK
      601 Lexington Ave.
      Floor 26, New York, NY 10022
      Tel: +1-646-627-7735
      Fax: +1-646-627-7743

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