Understanding China’s Next Move (Open Enrollment)
Understanding China’s Next Move
(Open Enrollment)


The program is very informative and educational, it is very helpful for us to think and plan ahead. CKGSB’s data collection and research methodology are well-recognized. Also the pool of participants gives a very good representation of the business community here. I would recommend this course to people who are new to China, people who don’t have a clear picture of what’s going on in China, people who are focused on operations of business. Those people from executive level will really benefit from this course.
She Duanzhi
Vice President, Government & Public Affairs, Nike Greater China
A taste of the future! The knowledge learned during this week will without doubt help our company develop its business in China.
Miguel Nogueira
Co-founder GBSN Research
In being here for this program, I have had the opportunity to enhance my leadership skills, as well as take a break to recharge my batteries.
Cyrillus Harinowo
Commissioner PT Bank Central Asia Tbk, Indonesia
The faculty was excellent, the lectures were thought provoking, enlightening - they presented a great global mindset to the lecture and made it very relevant."
Craig Armstrong
Director of New Zealand Trade and Enterprises, New Zealand
I’m very impressed with CKGSB’s professors. They are very knowledgeable and practical. They can answer every question in-depth. It shows that they really know what’s going on and they have a lot of contact with the industry participators or government officials so that they can get inside information and share with us. The classmates are very sophisticated. They know what’s going on. They just wanted to enhance the knowledge, to have more inspiration from different angles. I find the networking very good and dynamic.
Bessie Chong
Director of Group Training and Talent Management, Esquel Group, Hong Kong
About the Program

Understanding China’s Next Move is an effective open enrollment for global leaders that provides a close-up view of China’s business landscape: the innovation, the entrepreneurship, the business enthusiasm.

  • China is moving from a manufacturing base to a consumer-led and innovation-driven economy. This transition has created an expanding consumer market with abundant business OPPORTUNITIES. Meanwhile, the country’s perplexing macroeconomic, structural and social policies for the coming decades can act as BARRIERS for multinationals.

  • As an investor, entrepreneur or senior executive who seeks to secure sustainable development in the Chinese market, it’s essential to understand:

    • HOW new technologies are creating business opportunities for the world?
    • HOW innovative business models have changed game rules in China’s market?
    • HOW key functional areas, such as global strategy, technological innovation and supply chain, truly work in China?
    • HOW China’s economic growth is affecting your operations in, and with, China?
  • On 25-27 July, CKGSB Understanding China’s Next Move: The Rise of China’s Innovation program will help you, in three days, comprehensively understand concepts and practices of innovation in China, answer your questions about China’s economic environment and enhance your strategies & business models to gain success in the world’s fastest-growing market.

    Program Benefits

    As your pathway to business in China, the program will immerse you into China’s contemporary context with a global perspective; it will help you explore the key elements of China’s social and business environments:

      • You will learn from CKGSB’s faculty in the classroom and benefit from the rich experience of industry speakers.
      • You will investigate various case studies and become involved in team projects, group discussions, company visits and cultural activities.
      • You will also learn from, and network with, high-profile executives from China and around the world.
    • This program will help you understand:

      • How to leverage China’s opportunities in your company’s global strategy
      • How the innovation of Chinese companies is affecting your operations in, and with, China
      • How entrepreneurship and lean start-ups in China are creating new business opportunities
      • How key functional areas truly work in China
      • How to succeed in the world’s most dynamic market
    • Who Should Attend

      Senior executives of corporations who are in charge of strategic leadership and improving their company’s performance, as well as entrepreneurs and investors who are planning to enter or expand their businesses throughout the China market.


      This short-term program comprises classroom lectures, executive seminars, field studies, networking events and cultural activities under a specific issue. World-renowned experts will share their unique perspectives on key drivers behind the Chinese companies’ success and offer critical insights to company’s sustainable development amid China’s market transformation. A three-day sample matrix with theme of Innovation & Entrepreneurship is as below:

      Programme Schedule
      • Day 1


        Lecture: China’s Development Model and Globalization of Chinese Companies


        Company visit: Incubator / Entrepreneurship Accelerator
        Exchange with senior executives


        Welcome Dinner

      • Day 2


        Lecture: Business Model Innovation in the Internet Era


        Company visit: Leading internet based company
        Exchange with senior executives


        Networking Dinner with CKGSB Alumni

      • Day 3


        Guest Speaker: Innovation by Chinese Companies


        Panel Discussion: Entrepreneurship
        Wrap-up and Certificate Presentation

        All materials and lectures will be delivered in English (simultaneous interpretation can be provided).

      • CKGSB's partners

        For field studies, some of CKGSB’s close partners include the following companies:

        During the program, we invite CKGSB alumni to join with you at our networking events. CKGSB’s alumni group is recognize as one of the most exclusive in China. Connecting with our alumni network means you have a link to China’s most successful entrepreneurs and companies.

      Basic Program Information
      • Upcoming Session
        July 25-27, 2018
      • Location
        CKGSB Beijing Campus 3F, Tower E3, Oriental Plaza, 1 East Chang An Avenue
      • Language
        All materials and lectures will be delivered in English.
      • Tuition
        4800 USD (travel and accommodation excluded)
      Inspiring Lectures by world-class professors
      • TENG Bingsheng
        Professor of Strategic Management
        PhD, City University of New York
        Innovation on Chinese Business Models
        Prof. Teng presents the evolution of Chinese Business Model and the engines behind. He analyzes with several cases the essential aspects of the success / failure of MNCs in china. This session explores the key elements of Business Model’s innovation and forecasts its futures to inspire you how to make your company strategy keep up with the fast-changing world.
      • OU-YANG Hui
        Dean's Distinguished Chair Professor of Finance
        PhD, University of California, Berkeley; PhD, Tulane University
        Innovation on E-finance by Chinese Companies
        Prof. Ouyang will compare the Chinese Economic development and financial markets with that of the west to explain the characteristic of China’s financial markets, opportunities and challenges that it faces. This session will also covers extensively the state-of-the art development of internet finance and the wealth management products in China.
      • ZHANG Weining
        Associate Professor of Accounting
        PhD , University of Texas at Dallas
        How Technology Can Drive Business
        With a shifting innovation model platform, business models are becoming technology and content-driven, which are changing the fundamentals of a company. This session will explore how a company can be affected by IOT technology and the latest trends in business models in China.
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      three Leading Company Visits
      • ofo developed the world's first "non-docking" bike sharing platform operated by a mobile application. Ofo connects about 100 million registered users with over 6,500,000 bikes across more than 150 cities in Global. The application has booked more than 1 billion rides so far. In 2017, Ofo was handling more than 25 million transactions per day.
      • Established in 2009, Baifendian.com is China’s leading provider of big data + AI application and company integrated solution. It has developed the most sophisticated recommendation engine and the most comprehensive consumer preference database in China, specializes in delivering integrated optimization solutions for E-commerce websites through in-site traffic conversion and business intelligence analysis. Baifendian has created a R&D group with more than 400 scientists and corporated with 8 top ranking universities in China. In 2017, it has more than 100 000 clients, including national governmental institutions and banks.
      • Bytedance is China's largest mobile platform of content creation, aggregation and distribution underpinned by artificial intelligence technology. By analyzing the features of content, users and users’ interaction with content, the company's algorithm models generate a tailored feed list of content for each user. Till September 2017, It’s major App Toutiao has gained in total 120 million daily active users.
        Networking dinner with 40+ CKGSB Alumni

        CKGSB’s alumni group is recognized as one of the most exclusive in China. Speakers & guests
        include government leaders, successful entrepreneurs and senior executives in MNCs. They work across different industries such as financial services and manufacturing, as well as the high-tech, internet and tertiary sectors.


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