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China Module 2017 Hosts Students from Around the World

2017-05-23 · Beijing

The CKGSB MBA China Module took place from May 8-19 and hosted over 80 students from the University of Michigan’s Ross & Spain’s ESIC Business & Marketing School as they join CKGSB’s own MBA students on an intensive two-week program. The program offered academic lectures, business networking, company visits and cultural events as participants experience the best that Beijing has to offer.


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Figure 1China Module participants on a royal ferry ride on Kuming Lake in the Summer Palace


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CKGSB, ESIC, & Ross MBA students at China Module 2017


Associate Dean ZHOU Li welcomed the group. Professor WANG Yanbo then gave a lecture on the challenges of global technology giants in China.  The program also featured many specialty classes, such as China in the Global Economy by Professor Leslie YOUNG, Strategies for entering the Chinese Market by Professor TENG Bingshen, and China’s Transformation & its Global Implications by Founding Dean XIANG Bing.


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Associate Dean ZHOU Li welcomes China Module 2017 participants



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ESIC MBA student David San Jose Valentin enjoying Day 1 lectures of the China Module.



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Prof WANG Yanbo on challenges of global tech giants in China



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U. Michigan MBA students Diocelyn Batista Rijo & Kristen Steagal at CKGSB China Module Day 1


Participants enjoyed a welcome dinner at the famous Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant where its Peking roasted duck is a stable in the Beijing dining scene for over 150 years.


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Participants sample traditional Beijing cuisine


Students also experienced business networking and cultural events including visits to Alibaba, Jingdong, and iQiYi, where they networked with company directors and strategy officers. Finally participants also experienced world renowned cultural heritage sites such as the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, Beijing hutongs, and the Temple of Heaven. 


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ESIC student get a glimpse of virtual reality enhanced Taobao shopping at Alibaba’s Beijing headquarters.


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CKGSB China Module visits Alibaba



ESIC Business & Marketing School’s Maria Altamira Garaizar said, “This is the first year that we are participating in the China module at CKGSB.  We are looking forward to many more collaborative events in the future!”


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