The 18th World Knowledge Forum: CKGSB Prof. Xu Chenggang Shares Insights on Centralized Bureaucracy
2018-05-24  - Seoul

The World Knowledge Forum (WKF) has been a place for discussions to reduce knowledge gaps through knowledge sharing, and promote balanced global economic growth and prosperity. It is Korea’s largest annual knowledge-sharing conference hosted by one of the nation’s largest media groups Maekyung Media Group. Thousands of scholars, policy-makers, global leaders and corporate CEOs have participated in the forum.

The 18th World Knowledge Forum will be held under the theme of “Inflection Point: Towards New Prosperity.” This year’s forum will present a path and a direction to where the world should aim towards at this inflection point. Around 250 speakers and 3,500 audiences will gather to discuss various agendas and topics.

Global leaders including Hillary Clinton; the 67th US Secretary of States; François Hollande; the former President of France, Ban Ki-moon; the former UN Secretary-General and world-renowned scholars such as the 2016 Nobel laureate in economics, professor Oliver Hart from Harvard University will join as speakers of the forum. In addition, numerous global entrepreneurs who are leading the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including Zhang Ya-Qin, the President of Baidu, will also participate to share the insights and visions of the world’s leading corporations and companies.

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) joins this year’s prestigious forum for fourth consecutive year as a knowledge partner, holding its own brand session named as “CKGSB MBA Session.” Professor Xu will hold a CKGSB session to give lecture on the incentive problems of hierarchically organized bureaucracy. Based on his study awarded with ‘China Economic Award’, the analyses on the incentive mechanism in China’s bureaucratic institutions, incentive mechanisms in the judicial system, and the effect of soft budget-constraint (SBC) syndrome on incentives, he will discuss that controlling resources and human beings through a top-down bureaucratic hierarchy might face unsolvable incentive problems. Throughout the session, professor Xu will diagnose current issues of China, implying the direction how China’s administrative body should be designed.

CKGSB Participation Sessions

Professor Xu Chenggang

Date: Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Venue: Topaz Hall, Shilla Hotel, 204 Dongho-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea


[CKGSB MBA Session] The Pitfalls of a Centralized Bureaucracy

09:50-09:55 Session Introduction

09:55-10:45 Lecture by Professor Xu Chenggang of CKGSB

10:45-10:50 Q&A

*Language: English

*Cost: Registration required

*Organizer: Maekyung Media Group

To learn more about the World Knowledge Forum, please click here.

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