CKGSB’s Korean EMBA Students Joined and Received Graduation Certificates in CKGSB Opening & Graduation Ceremony

CKGSB EMBA on China Business: A program for Korean Leaders (Hereafter referred to as ‘CKGSB’s Korean EMBA’) students joined in CKGSB Opening & Graduation Ceremony held on November 7, 2017 and received certificates of graduation. CKGSB’s Korean EMBA, jointly developed by the school and Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies (aSSIST), has been established to share CKGSB’s in-depth knowledge and network base through intensive education programs to help Korean business leaders be successful in China.

Through the lectures and modules, world-leading academic authorities in CKGSB and aSSIST shared insights on the latest issues of relevance to business sectors in various fields. Students in the CKGSB’s Korean EMBA, who are leaders across various fields, were able to gain balanced perspectives on China’s economy, market, enterprises, and customers. Specifically, through modules conducted in major cities of China including Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai, students enjoyed excellent opportunities to look around China’s leading enterprises and to communicate with Chinese industry officials. Students have visited leading companies of China such as Tencent and 3NOD, and had a number of networking opportunities with Chinese industry leaders.

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In November 2017, 20 renowned Korean leaders of diverse sectors, including Kook-Hyun Moon, former CEO of Korea-US joint venture Yuhan-Kimberly; Sang-Heon Kim, former CEO and Senior Adviser of Naver; Young-su Shin, CEO of Dongwon Home Food; Han-Kyun Kim, CEO of Costory; Joon-Hong Kim, CEO of Meere Company; YongJae Min, CEO of YJM Entertainment; Mun-Soo Kim, CEO of SMATOOS; and Chul-Jun Kim, Founder and Director of the Daejeon Wellness Hospital, graduated CKGSB’s Korean EMBA. Many students have highlighted numerous advantages of the program through interviews. Specifically, through CKGSB Talk, which is held for CKGSB’s Korean EMBA course students to share outstanding experiences and life philosophy with CKGSB alumni and Chinese public, Han-Kyun Kim, Kook-Hyun Moon, and YongJae Min actively shared their ideas and philosophy gained through their experiences.

CKGSB’s Korean EMBA students – including senior-level CEOs, professional managers, successors to management, and founders – have now become a part of the school’s network of more than 10,000 alumni across China, Asia and the world. The unrivalled alumni network will bring them a great opportunity in seeking the best clients and partners for their businesses.

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