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Assistant Professor of Operations Management
PhD, The University of Texas at Dallas
Areas of Expertise:
Revenue and Pricing Management, New Product Introduction, Innovation, Product Rollover Strategies, Food Safety, Product Recall
  • BIO
  • Phone: +86 10 8518 8858 ext. 3812

    Assistant Professor of Operations Management

    PhD, The University of Texas at Dallas

    Areas of Expertise: Revenue and Pricing Management, New Product Introduction, Innovation, Product Rollover Strategies, Food Safety, Product Recall


    Dr Liang Chao joined CKGSB as an assistant professor of operations management in 2014. Dr Liang received her PhD degree in Operations Management from The University of Texas at Dallas in 2012, and a Master of Engineering degree in Control Science and Engineering from Tsinghua University in 2007.

  • MBA

    • Midea’s Manufacturing Upgrade,  2018
    • Red Collar Group: Combining Personalized Designs with Mass Production, 2016
  • Selected Publications

    1. “Analysis of Product Rollover Strategies in the Presence of Strategic Customers”, Management Science, 2014, 60(4), 1033-1056 (with Metin Çakanyildirim, Suresh P. Sethi) 
    2. “Inventory Sharing with Transshipment: Impacts of Demand Distribution Shapes and Setup Costs”, Production and Operations Management, 2014, 23(10), 1779-1794 (with Suresh P. Sethi, Ruixia Shi, Jun Zhang).
    3. “The Value of “Bespoke”: Demand Quantity Learning, Preference Learning, and Consumer Behaviors,” accepted by Management Science. (with Tingliang Huang and Jingqi Wang)
    4. “Can Strategic Customer Behavior Speed Up Product Innovation? An Operations Management Perspective” accepted by Production and Operations Management. (with Metin Çakanyildirim and Suresh P. Sethi). (Previous title “Impact of Strategic Customer Behavior and Rollover Strategies on Product Innovation”, Finalist for 2012 POM Supply Chain College Student Paper Competition)
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