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CKGSB’s 4th China Economic Symposium: Is China Marching into a New Economic Era?

2017-11-21 · Beijing


Date and time: November 21st, 2017, 13:30 – 18:30

Location: Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (Beijing Campus), Tower E2, 20th Floor, Oriental Plaza, 1 East Chang An Avenue.

Language: English and Chinese (with simultaneous interpretation)

Registration: To register for this event, please click here.


Through the first three-quarters of 2017, China’s economy comfortably surpassed its growth target of around 6.5%, maintaining a steady momentum. But China still faces challenges in improving the quality and efficacy of its economy. As the recent 19th Party Congress addressed, China is in a critical period for transforming its growth model, upgrading the economic structure and replacing old drivers of growth. Deepening supply-side structural reforms and promoting innovations are the keys to China’s future, which will, of course, impact the growth of both the Asia-Pacific region and the wider world.


Reforms play an essential role in explaining China’s rise since the 1980s. But what can we expect after the 19th Party Congress? What types of “reform dividend” can we anticipate from China’s next moves? And how can China best exploit the new growth drivers?


Coinciding with CKGSB’s 15th anniversary, CKGSB’s 4th China Economic Symposium, a now flagship event, will feature renowned CKGSB professors, economists and China experts to share their insights into the past and future of China’s economy and explain the implications to businesses, as well as to the development of Asia Pacific as a whole.


This event will be live-streamed online for those people not in Beijing or unable to attend in person.

13:30-14:00 Registration
  A New Era
14:00-14:05 Opening Remarks
ZHOU Li, Assistant Dean, CKGSB
14:05-14:20 Welcome Keynote Speech: China’s Transformation and Its Global Implications
XIANG Bing, Founding Dean and Professor of China Business and Globalization, CKGSB 
14:20-14:40 Keynote Speech: Is China’s Industrial Economy Stabilizing?
GAN Jie, Professor of Finance, Director of Center on Finance and Economic Growth, CKGSB 
14:40-15:10 Dialogue with Gan Jie: Upgrading China’s Industrial Economy
GAN Jie, Professor of Finance, Director of Center on Finance and Economic Growth, CKGSB
Tom ORLIK, Chief Asia Economist, Bloomberg 
  A New Perspective
15:10-15:30 Keynote Speech: An Alternative Look at China’s Growth Cycle 
LI Wei, Professor of Economics, Director of the Case Center, CKGSB 
15:30-16:00 Dialogue with Li Wei: Business Confidence in China’s Transitioning Economy
LI Wei, Professor of Economics, Director of the Case Center, CKGSB 
HE Gang, Managing Editor of Caijing Magazine and CKGSB Alumnus
16:00-16:15 Coffee Break
  A New Roadmap
16:15-16:35 Keynote Speech: The Chinese Economy - Its Potential and Challenges
XU Chenggang, Professor of Economics, CKGSB
16:35-17:55 Panel Discussion: China’s Economic Outlook and Its Position in Asia
Kevin KANG, Chief Economist, KPMG China
WANG Guangyu, Dean, China Academy of New Supply-side Economics; Chairman, China Soft Capital 
XU Chenggang, Professor of Economics, CKGSB 
Rachel MORARJEE, Director, The Economist Corporate Network 
17:55-18:00 Closing Remarks
ZHOU Li, Assistant Dean, CKGSB
18:00-18:30 Networking and Drinks