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Why Earn an MBA in Beijing

Nerve Center of Business and Politics
Based in the capital city of Beijing, CKGSB's MBA program is well situated to analyze the practical realities of business in China, where commerce often intersects with politics.


MBA students study the role of state-owned enterprise as well as private companies and multinationals in the China market. Students also consider the impact of government policies on corporate growth strategies, both at home and abroad.



Home to China's Business and Policy Elites
The program's location offers unparalleled opportunities for networking with an influential group of Chinese nationals and expatriates – some of whom serve as visiting lecturers at the CKGSB campus.


Beijing is home to China's most powerful officials and the leaders of its increasingly global state-owned enterprises. It serves as headquarters for many top multinationals, and has become a frequent stopping-off point for economists and thinkers from the U.S., Europe, and the rest of Asia.



Standard-Setter in Chinese Culture
The Forbidden City and the Great Wall are just a few of the many historic sites that attest to Beijing's long-standing global wealth and influence. Today, the city's creative modern art and music scenes attract attention from around the world.


Even Beijing-accented Mandarin is considered the model to emulate, which is why many serious foreign students of the Chinese language choose to study in the capital.

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