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Understanding China’s Next Move: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in China


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China’s 13th Five-Year Plan emphasizes the strategy to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the world’s second largest economy that continues to grow at a steady pace. Encouraged, Chinese companies are using digital media, big data, and e-commerce in ways that are pioneering practice in Europe and the United States. So how has innovation changed the rules of game in China? How can multinationals take the commercial battle to their Chinese rivals? How can this new strategy offer opportunities to entrepreneurs and investors alike?


As your pathway to business with China, CKGSB Understanding China’s Next Move Program will focus on concepts and practice of innovation and entrepreneurship in China, and will inspire you to find the answers to the above questions. Innovation-themed topics ranging from the globalization of Chinese companies, science & technology innovation, marketing innovation, as well as first-hand innovation cases from Chinese companies will be explored in depth by CKGSB’s faculty and thought-provoking guest speakers.




By immersing participants into China’s contemporary context with a global perspective, CKGSB helps explore the key elements of China’s social and business environments. You will learn from CKGSB’s faculty in the classroom and benefit from the rich experience of industry speakers. You will investigate various case studies and become involved in team projects, group discussions, company visits and cultural activities. You will also learn from, and network with, high-profile executives from China and around the world.


This program, with the theme of Innovation & Entrepreneurship in China, will help you understand:


  • How to leverage China’s opportunities in your company’s global strategy
  • How the innovation of Chinese companies is affecting your operations in, and with, China
  • How entrepreneurship and lean start-ups in China are creating new business opportunities
  • How key functional areas, such as global strategy, technological innovation and supply chain management, truly work in China
  • How to succeed in the world’s most dynamic market



This program is aimed at senior executives of corporates who are in charge of strategic leadership and improving their company’s performance, as well as entrepreneurs and investors who are planning to enter or expand their businesses throughout the Chinese market.






During the three-day Understanding China’s Next Move Program, participants will experience an intensive curriculum that covers critical business topics. Sample topics are indicated below:

(The program is subject to change.)


All materials and lectures will be delivered in English (simultaneous interpretation can be provided).




"The faculty was excellent, the lectures were thought provoking, enlightening - they presented a great global mindset to the lecture and made it very relevant."


Craig Armstrong
Director of New Zealand Trade and Enterprises, New Zealand



"The classmates are very sophisticated. They know what’s going on. They just wanted to enhance the knowledge, to have more inspiration from different angles. I find the networking very good and dynamic."


Bessie Chong
Director of Group Training and Talent Management, Esquel Group, Hong Kong



"I would recommend this course to people who are new to China, people who don’t have a clear picture of what’s going on in China, people who are focused on daily operations of business. People at the executive level will really benefit from this course."


She Duanzhi
Vice President, Government & Public Affairs, Nike Greater China



"In being here for this program, I have had the opportunity to enhance my leadership skills, as well as take a break to recharge my batteries."


Cyrillus Harinowo
Commissioner PT Bank Central Asia Tbk, Indonesia



"A taste of the future! The knowledge learned during this week will without doubt help our company develop its business in China."


Miguel Nogueira
Co-founder GBSN Research



2017 Understanding China’s Next Move


14-15 December, 2017, Shenzhen Campus


China's 13th Five-Year Plan emphasizes the strategy to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the world's second largest economy that continues to grow at a steady pace. As an investor, entrepreneur, or senior executive of your multinational company that seeks to secure sustained growth in the Chinese market, it's essential to understand:


  • How to leverage CHINA'S OPPORTUNITIES in your company's global strategy
  • How the INNOVATION of Chinese companies is affecting your operations in, and with, China
  • How ENTREPRENEURSHIP and lean START-UPS in China are creating new business opportunities
  • How key functional areas, such as GLOBAL STRATEGIES, TECHNICAL INNOVATION and FINANCIAL MARKET truly work in China
  • How to SUCCEED in the world's most dynamic market


As your pathway to business with China, CKGSB's Understanding China's Next Move Program will inspire you with answers to the above puzzles by immersing you into China's contemporary context with a global perspective, and focusing on the key concepts and practices of innovation and entrepreneurship in China. We will provide for you:





Chinese Innovation and Future of Manufacturing Power


Prof. GAN Jie

Professor of Finance, Associate Dean for Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Director of Center on Finance and Economic Growth

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Areas: banking, asset pricing, corporate finance


China’s Financial Markets: Opportunities and Risks


Prof. OU-YANG Hui

Dean's Distinguished Chair Professor of Finance

PhD, University of California, Berkeley

PhD, Tulane University

Research Areas: Asset Pricing, Corporate Finance, Integrated Models of Asset Pricing, Moral Hazard






  • One of the largest and the most innovative Internet companies in the world
  • Creator of internationally famous social apps QQ and Wechat
  • Market Value USD$397.56 billion in 2017


  • The world’s largest provider of multi-media audio player, and integrated provider of smart life solutions
  • Top 500 company amongst all Asian brands


  • World's leading company in the civilian-drone industry
  • accounting for 70% of the global consumer drone market





14-15 December, 2017, SHENZHEN



CKGSB Shenzhen Campus, East Pacific International Center, Tower A, 31/F, 7888 Shennan Road, Futian District



The costs of travel and accommodation need to be borne by the participants. CKGSB will recommend a hotel within walking distance of the campus.


All materials and lectures will be delivered in English.(simultaneous interpretation is provided)



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Program Hotline: +86 10 85378520



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