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Social Media and E-Commerce Center

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business


Social Media Marketing and E-Commerce Center
(Formerly Customer Information Management Center)





The rapid penetration of digital media such as Internet, social media, and smart phones represents one of the most significant changes in consumer media behavior in history, resulting in fundamental shifts in the way marketers communicate and interact with consumers. This opens up vast opportunities for marketers to integrate these tools in their overall marketing strategy and develop break-through business model to sell their products and services on the digital platform. Chinese companies such as Tecent and Alibaba are particularly innovative in this domain. It is imperative for the researchers and practitioners to understand the theoretical foundations as well as practical knowledge, insights, and tools required to establish objectives and strategies, properly select the these digital media platforms to engage consumers, monitor and measure the results of these efforts, and sell to the consumers.


More specifically, the center will develop knowledge and generate activities in the following four areas:

  • Social media and mobile marketing
  • New Business models of electronic, mobile, and social commerce
  • Big data and business analytics
  • Innovation from digital industries in China
  • How Chinese companies can leverage new media to build global brands





  • Develop fundamental research to understand the recent fast development of social marketing and electronic commerce
  • Study the most recent innovation and best practice in the US on social-, mobile, and electronic marketing and commerce and introduce them to relevant parties in China
  • Identify the innovation initiated by Chinese companies and introduce these best practices to the media, academia and practitioners in the US
  • Study opportunities created by new media for Chinese companies to outreach to the global consumers




This is an expansion of previous CIM center (customer information management center). In the past, CIM center has accomplished the following:

  • 4 large scale and global forums with leading universities, scholars and practitioners from all over the world (CKGSB-Yale China-India Customer Insights Forum New York; CKGSB Second Marketing Research Forum Beijing, CKGSB First Marketing Research Forum Beijing)
  • A series of smaller scale events such as breakfast dialogue and open lecture series
  • 2 China Immersion programs to connect global academic leaders with Chinese business leaders
  • Research collaboration with 3 leading innovative companies in social media marketing and electronic commerce (DaZhongDianPing, VIP shop, Adchina)
  • Production of video knowledge pieces on digital marketing
  • Provide academic support to MBA/FMBA/EMBA students on their startups
  • Funded collaborative research between faculties from CKGSB and other leading b-schools
  • Develop a full new course: Social Media Marketing and Electronic Commerce. This course has been offered as elective MBA course, open enrollment program, and company specific program
  • Finish of a textbook “Dynamic Optimization for Interactive Marketing” coauthored with Ravi R. to be published in 2014