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ProQuest Banking Information Source combines the currency of the Internet and the perspective of industry journals to provide the ultimate financial services research tool. With over 500 of the most authoritative sources of information, there is simply no better way to keep informed. ProQuest Banking Information Source coverage includes:

  • Industry and professional newsletters
  • School of Bank Marketing Papers
  • Stonier Theses

In today's banking world, keeping informed of what's happening in economic markets is as important as monitoring national and international developments. ProQuest Banking Information Source can help users predict future market trends, monitor the rise of future competition, and even pick up ideas that have worked successfully in the financial services market. The database brings together leading journals from the most important international markets and allows you to analyze and compare articles from 535 full-text sources in a manner of seconds.


Subject coverage includes Banks, Banking industry, Banking law, Finance, Financial Institutions, Financial services industry, Investments and etc.



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Article, Commercial news, Financial market data, Theses


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